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Our vision

Dräger is Technology for Life. Every day, we live up to that responsibility by putting all of our passion, knowledge and experience into improving lives with outstanding and innovative technology that puts life first. We dedicate our efforts to those who depend on our technology the world over, to the environment, and to a better future. 

“Our work has a deeper meaning: We are dedicated to turning technology into “Technology for Life”. This goal drives us to achieve our best. And that's something to be proud of.”

Stefan Dräger

Our strengths:

We build on our strengths. They are our solid foundation.


Customer intimacy

The success of our company is the result of our close customer relationships and continuous dialog. Our world-wide network is the foundation of our direct, ongoing customer communication. For us, listening and understanding is just as important as developing and realizingtechnology, and our awareness of customer requirementsis the key to living up to them.



Our employees are the backbone of our company. Their expertise, dedication, inventiveness and customer orientation have shaped our success story. Mutual respect is one of our basic principles, as is frank and honest communication. We value the individuality of our employees. Our shared culture of performance drives us to leverage that diversity successfully throughout our worldwide networks.



Our openness to new and innovative approaches constantly spurs us to apply the latest technology creatively and leverage our deep knowledge of our customers’ needs – and by doing so, make them even more successful in their day-to-day work. Moreover, our insights into the technical possibilities and requirements of the future open completely new perspectives for our customers. With our drive to innovate, we set standards and actively shape our markets, time and again.



The dependability of our products is our first consideration. People trust us with their lives, and that’s why we go well beyond regulatory requirements and deliver the excellence users expect from Dräger. That quality is reflected above all in the reliability, long service lives and carefully tailored functionality of our products and the expertise and dedication of the people that make them. Our worldwide service network ensures that our products continue to live up to our customers’ expectations, even after years of hard use.

A family-run company

“Lever Schaden as Schimp”—better a loss than a disgrace—is the guiding principle formulated in Low German by the mother of our company founder. It guides the company to this day and aptly sums up Dräger’s sustainability-oriented strategy: we would rather lose money than risk the company’s good reputation and the trust that people place in it. That remains our guiding principle and commitment, especially in our dealings with customers, for whom we want to be the first choice. We all take responsibility every day—for the quality of our products, which protect, support, and save lives. For our environment, so that future generations will be able to live well. For our employees, who we support, and whose safety we ensure, just as we ensure the safety of our customers. And for society, which we want to serve. 

“As a family-run company, we have one goal above all: successful longevity. For me, this means that one day, when the time is right, I would like to pass the company on to my successors in an even better state. Everything we do, we do with passion—and we do it for people’s lives!”

Stefan Dräger

Our social commitment worldwide

Our social commitment contributes to greater security and health around the world. We would like to make life a little bit better every day—namely beyond our technology. This is why we are involved with different causes, to which we make donations in cash and in kind. Dräger is committed to social projects and activities around the world. Our medical and safety products give us the opportunity to help people in need, reduce suffering and make rescue workers’ jobs easier. Dräger predominantly supports projects with a focus on education and social causes. We also provide humanitarian aid to crisis areas and help our employees to get involved with social causes themselves. We place special value on sustainability. Ideally, the projects are connected to our business activities and our guiding philosophy, “Technology for Life”.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business.

Sustainability at Dräger


At Dräger we see sustainability as being essential to our economic success.

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