Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100 - Atlan-100-16-6-Opt-4

Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100

Safe, Robust and Easy-To-Use Anaesthesia Machine – Dräger Atlan A100

The new Atlan A100/XL is a safe, robust, and easy-to-use anaesthesia machine built with a high-precision piston ventilator, making it the right choice for a wide range of surgeries from neonatal to adult patients.  

Besides the Operating Theatres, the Atlan A100/XL can also be used in Non-Operating Room Anaesthesia (NORA) settings, such as endoscopy, dental or aesthetic surgery.

Built to Last. Dräger Quality Made in Germany

The new Atlan A100/XL is developed and manufactured in our facilities in Lübeck, Germany. 

Watch our extensive testing, making the A100 our most robust anaesthesia workstation – Each and every device is built to last. 

Explore the New Atlan A100 Anaesthesia Workstation

Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100 - Atlan A100
Dräger Atlan A100

Atlan A100 enables high accuracy in tidal volume delivery even down to 10 ml (VT setting in VC)

Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100 - Atlan-A100-Vista-120S-D-12137-2023-VX-1585530-V0-3-2
Dräger Atlan A100 with Vista 120

Atlan A100 in combination with Vista 120S allows tailored configurations, ergonomic and user-friendly workstation for nearly every size of OR.

Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100 - Atlan-A100-XL-D-3059-2023-VX-1585515-V0-3-2
Dräger Atlan A100 XL

The A100 XL offers a spacious workspace for Operating Theaters with ample space.

Designed to Perform. Built to Last Dräger Atlan A100 - Atlan-A100-XL-Vista-120-D-3063-2023-VX-1585521-V0-3-2
Dräger Atlan A100 XL with Vista 120S

Atlan A100 XL in combination with Vista 120 comprises a fully integrated anaesthesia workstation that provides ventilation parameters, gas measurements, and vital signs data on a single interface for a complete clinical view at the point of care to support decision making.

Patient Safety

82% of all critical incidents in hospitals are related to a lack of understanding of the situation. (1) 

Explore the Atlan® A100’s automatic backup functions to prevent and manage critical situations. 


In case of gas supply failure, mechanical ventilation is still possible with ambient air.


Independent Backup Manual Mode to override the ventilator for emergency manual ventilation, including agent delivery.


120min battery backup in case of mains power failure.

Lung protective ventilation

5% of all surgical patients suffer from postoperative pulmonary complications (2). The Atlan A100/XL uses the Piston ventilator technology and advanced therapy features to enable individualised lung protective ventilation in the OR to reduce the risk of PPCs (2).     

  • Neonatal Ventilation: Tidal volume of 10ml in Volume Controlled Ventilation 
  • Automatic calculation and pre-set of lung protective low tidal volume ventilation based on the patient’s Ideal Body Weight
  • Volume Control AutoFlow, delivers the set tidal volume with the lowest possible airway pressure

Introducing the all-new E-Vent® Piston – using the most accurate ventilator technology

The set tidal volume needs to be delivered accurately and safely. This bench study, published in the British Journal of Anesthesia, investigated the accuracy of the delivered tidal volume of four ventilator types 

  • Ascending bellows-in-box 
  • Volume reflector
  • Turbine
  • Piston-driven

The findings show that the piston ventilator anaesthesia device consistently had the highest accuracy and lowest volume error. Click the link below to find out details on how the piston ventilator can make a difference!

Low-Flow Anaesthesia

The use of low-flow anaesthesia reduces the consumption of volatile anaesthetic agents. Apart from potentially significant cost savings, the adverse ecological effects of volatile anaesthetic agents can be reduced. 

Data from various studies confirm a cost reduction of between 55 and 75% if the fresh gas flow is reduced from 4 to 1 L/min.


Precise flow tube mixer.


Breathing system heater reduces humidity-related issues.


Integrated, calibration-free gas measurement.


Automatic sample gas recycling avoid wasted gas.

Wide-ranging clinical experience shows that low-flow anaesthesia is a simple-to-perform technique and can be easily used in daily clinical routines.

"The safety and technical capability of today’s anaesthesia machines make low-flow, minimal-flow and metabolic-flow anaesthesia the procedures of choice", 

conclude Bert Mierke (MD/PhD) and Christian Hoenemann (MD/PhD), passionate low-flow advocates and authors of the booklet on low-, minimal- and metabolic flow anaesthesia. 


Download our booklet on Low-Flow anesthesia for the scientific background and practical guidelines how to easily and safely make the switch to low-flow!

Download Booklet

Complete Your Anaesthesia Workstation


In combination with our Vista 120 patient monitoring, the A100 offers to meet your clinical needs and stay within your budget, allowing you to deliver efficient and high-quality patient care.

  • Essential monitoring parameters, including BIS
  • Fully integrated Workstation Solution
  • Reducing device complexity
  • HL7 data export, ready for HIS/EMR integration
  • Central monitoring system streamlines the clinical workflow while increasing patient safety

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  1. Schuls et al, BMC Anesthesiol. (2016). Situation awareness errors in anesthesia and critical care in 200 cases of a critical incident reporting system.
  2. Prediction of Postoperative Pulmonary Complications in a Populations-based Surgical Cohort, Canet et al.; Anesthesiology. 2010 Dec;113(6):1338-50