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Planning, Consulting & Implementation | Gas Detection Solution

For a customised solution to your FGDS needs

A safe and reliable fixed gas detection system requires consultation with stakeholders, thorough engineering and design, ongoing support, and up-to-date technological advancements. By leveraging the latest advances in gas detection technology, such as wireless connectivity, predictive maintenance, and data analytics, businesses can further enhance the safety and reliability of their gas detection systems.

A true end-to-end solution


Planning and Consulting

We offer gas detection solutions tailored for industrial applications. Our goal is to provide the most efficient solutions utilising the latest technology. We take charge of your project from the beginning and guide you through the project description, planning, engineering, and project realisation phases. We prioritise fulfilling customer needs by combining our expertise in gas detection with a comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and best practices.



Dräger provides individually designed systems, either for new applications in your plant area or modernisation, extensions of existing ones. Systems are standalone solutions or a seamless integrated part of an existing plant safety concept. We support you with the right Dräger detector equipment, 3rd party products and the engineering and implementation through to the whole-life support of the system.


Installation and Commissioning

Dräger provides comprehensive installation and commissioning support for fixed gas detection systems. Our expert team ensures a seamless and efficient installation process, guaranteeing that the system is set up correctly and according to industry standards. We offer on-site assistance, conducting thorough testing and calibrating the gas detectors to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Our technicians provide training to personnel on system operation and maintenance, enabling them to utilise the gas detection system effectively.


On Site Service

We offer exceptional on-site service support to ensure the optimal functioning of your gas detection systems. Our skilled technicians are available to visit your site and provide timely assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance services. Whether it’s routine inspections, repairs, or system upgrades, our team has the expertise to address any issues and keep your gas detection systems operating at peak performance. With our on-site service support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your systems are well-maintained and reliable, minimising downtime and ensuring the safety of your personnel and assets.

From small & simple to complex detection systems

Every fixed fire and gas detection system is unique, catering to various needs and specifications. Whether you require a straightforward alarm system for a limited area or a customized solution with intricate configurations, we have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you have numerous measuring points or just a few. We can assist you whether you’re starting from scratch and building a new system or integrating our solution into your existing infrastructure. Explore this concise overview of the diverse requirements for a fixed gas detection system and witness how our experts provide comprehensive support at every stage of the process.

Building blocks of a gas detection system


When it comes to safety systems, long-term reliability is paramount. A system must be designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring consistent and dependable performance. However, it is equally crucial for the system to be flexible enough to accommodate future options and changes. This includes integrating seamlessly with evolving technologies and adapting to future upgrades or expansions within your plant.

Our focus is on delivering safety solutions that meet your current needs and provide a foundation for future growth and development. Our experts understand the importance of designing systems with scalability and adaptability in mind. We consider the potential for future modifications, expansions, and advancements, ensuring our solutions can easily integrate and evolve alongside your plant’s requirements.


Field devices / Detectors

The design of a gas detection system starts where the data come from - the field. Critical information such as the types of gases present, expected concentrations, plant size, area structure, and environmental conditions are pivotal in determining the appropriate sensor and transmitter types. At Dräger, we have the expertise to provide support regarding sensor technology, the number of detectors required, and their optimal positioning in the field. Whether it’s a wired solution, a non-wired solution, or a combination of both, our goal is to deliver a safe and reliable solution tailored to your specific needs. By carefully considering these factors, we ensure that our gas detection systems are designed to provide accurate and timely detection, allowing you to address potential hazards and maintain a secure working environment.


Safety control units

Gas detection products and third-party equipment, such as call points and beacons, must seamlessly integrate into an efficient controller system. We harness the power of the latest digital advancements to establish this integration, ensuring a smooth flow of information from field devices to the safety control unit and even into cloud-based systems. We aim to achieve maximum operational safety through this interconnectedness.

Our safety control units and optional visualisation solutions provide comprehensive traceability of historical events. This means that past incidents can be easily tracked and analysed, allowing for a better understanding of safety situations in the field. Having a clear image of the safety landscape enables proactive measures to be taken and potential risks to be mitigated effectively.


Connected Systems

Implementing communication protocols ensures customers a secure and reliable data gateway to transmit their data into their preferred cloud or DCS system. By utilising protocols such as Profibus and OPC-UA interface, amongst others, Dräger guarantees a robust and trustworthy connection for data forwarding.

With this comprehensive setup, Dräger ensures seamless and secure data transmission, allowing customers to leverage the power of their chosen cloud or DCS system. Whether it’s real-time monitoring or long-term data preservation, our solution provides the necessary tools for efficient and effective data management.


After Sales Support

We offer exceptional after-sales support for all our solutions, ensuring that our customers receive ongoing assistance and maintenance services long after the initial installation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends throughout the lifespan of the system.

Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any inquiries or concerns that may arise. Whether you need technical assistance, troubleshooting guidance, or advice on system optimization, our experts are just a phone call away. We understand the critical nature of gas detection systems and the need to provide timely and practical solutions to keep your systems running smoothly.


Smart Safety

What is Smart Safety all about?  Learn more about smart safety solutions and how we support our customers with the digital transformation for smarter operations at their plants.

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