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The Vision Zero Initiative

Vision Zero is a global strategy with the goal to eliminate all workplace accidents, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all levels of work. Just one occupational accident or illness is too many yet in 2019-20, in Great Britain alone, 693,000 working people sustained an injury at work and 38.8 million working days were lost due to work-related illness or injury1.

Dräger – your partner for Vision Zero

Protecting human life and health is fundamental to the operations of Dräger. The success of the Vision Zero initiative is therefore a driving force for all Dräger experts. With over 130 years of professional experience in keeping workplaces and their staff safe and healthy, Dräger is the ideal partner for customers’ Vision Zero strategies.

How it all started

Customers are advancing their safety strategies. The goals, conditions, and strategies of global players in these sectors have changed massively over the past two decades. A significant strategic shift in these companies’ safety philosophies has played a major role in this development, as has the globalization of markets, standards, and market positions. Learn how it all started…

Prevent workplace accidents

The Vision Zero program is based on the belief that all workplace accidents, injuries and work-related illness are preventable if companies are committed to the three core values of Vision Zero: safety, health and wellbeing. As customers improve their safety strategies, Dräger can help them every step of the way in implementing their own Vision Zero prevention strategy.

7 golden rules for vision zero

Vision Zero and the 7 Rules of Workplace Safety

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Vision Zero – benefits to business

Health and safety at work is not only a legal and moral obligation – it also pays off economically.

Renovation plan

Global research proves that the ROI from expenditure on human safety and health is almost double the original investment!

Group of industrial workers in a refinery

Workplace accidents are expensive: Investigations, insurance claims and loss of work days due to injury can be avoided with Vision Zero initiatives.

Workers conversation

Companies that invest in strict occupational safety measures are appealing to potential stakeholders and partners, including contractors and clients.

CSE – Confined space entry

Qualified, experienced talent can be retained more effectively by investing in their wellbeing and substantial safety training.

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By identifying and eliminating workplace hazards work premises and material business assets are better protected.

Workplace hazard communication

Safety training and education are crucial to the success of Vision Zero. The human factor in mistakes which lead to accidents cannot be underestimated. It is vital that workers are instructed on how to use safety products, follow processes and what to do in case of emergencies. Continuous workplace safety awareness, including courses with occupational health and safety certification and training on chemical safety, all help prevent accidents from occurring in the future.

Knowledge is power – and safety

How can staff be trained for working towards zero? Sonja Fischbach, Head of Global Academy Safety, explains how professional development keeps everyone safe.

Training for Vision Zero

Rescue simulations, certified courses, product demos, workshops – the Dräger Academy's global team of experts gets everyone up to speed on workplace safety.

Near miss incident

The OSHA define a near miss as “an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury easily could have occurred.” It is essential that every dangerous occurrence is systematically reported so workers can all learn from one another and not repeat the same mistakes. 

Near miss whitepaper

Near miss whitepaper

Lessons learned from near miss incidents are valuable knowledge that should be shared across an organisation. Managers, however, must first establish the appropriate organisational culture and processes for the reporting of near misses, so every worker can play an active role in occupational safety.

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Near miss report

Near miss incident report

Why did an accident almost occur? Workers on site at a particular time, carrying out specific tasks, must be able to report any unsafe acts, equipment or conditions quickly and easily. This sample report can be used as a template for Dräger customers’ near miss reporting.

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Customised safety consultancy

Every workplace and work situation is different. To achieve the goals of the Vision Zero initiative, customised safety planning and consultancy is essential. Dräger’s safety experts use their know-how and experience to guide customers with comprehensive safety planning and support and individually tailored solutions for implementing Vision Zero goals in each work environment. Work-related accidents and illnesses can be prevented with expert occupational health consulting. 

Professional guidance on safety planning

How can businesses protect workers? What are the challenges? Which customised solutions do Dräger industrial safety consultants offer? Fleur Kaufmann, Consultant Safety & Emergency Management, answers questions on Vision Zero initiatives.


Health and safety statistics. (2020). Health and Safety Executive. https://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/

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