Nosocomial infections can be fatal and increases overall healthcare costs

  • Of every 100 hospitalized patients at any given time, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one health care-associated infection
  • 10,000-20,000 end fatally
  • 20-30% of nosocomial infections could be prevented by improved hygiene
  • Nosocomial infections prolong hospital stay by an average of 10 days + access cost of $15,275 for confirmed hospital acquired infection



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Ventilator-induced damages can be prevented

  • Ventilation-induced lung injury can contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients
  • The lack of humidification of medically administered gases leads to ventilation-induced lung damage and increased risk of infection

Humidification to support lung protective ventilation


As a preventive measure for infection prophylaxis and avoiding the risk of cross infection, various expert committees recommend the use of a breathing system filter.

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Benefits and Features


Support Quality, reliability, and performance

● Quality made in Germany

● Manufactured at Dräger in Lübeck

● 100 % test for leakages

● 100 % tests of retention rates

● 100 % test of resistance

● No spot checks, individual control of every single filter


Support Workplace Efficiency

● Transparent housing allows easier handling & improved clinical use

● Allows for better and easier visual inspection at any time during the use

● Can be easily identified through the new unique colour design

● Blue HME foam: no susceptibility to UV radiation


Support IPC

● Possibility to mark the time of commissioning on the housing- Supports a better control for the replacement cycles of the filters and therefore simplifies work processes

● Single patient use

● Highly effective bacterial and viral retention rates


Support Patient comfort

● Reduced weight, thus: – low risk of tube dislocation

● Increased water breakthrough limit


Support patient & Environment Safety - Sustainability

● Square housing: less waste

● Co2 improved by:

reduced weight

short delivery routes

optimized packaging

waiver of adhesive fixation

waste-optimized design

The new generation of filter family


CareStar Plus Electrostatic Filter Family

● Provides excellent and cost-efficient solution

● Protects the patient from potentially present micro-organisms

● Reduces the risk of possible cross-infection and promote patent and staff safety


SafeStar Plus Mechanical Filter Family

● Meets high standards for infection prophylaxis in ventilation

● High bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates that considerably reduce the passage of airborne microorganisms

● Helps to decrease the risk of possible cross-infection 


HumidStar Plus HME Filter Family

● Supports to passively humidificate the air patient inhales

● Consist of a new microporous polymer foam that’s specially developed for this application as it returns a high degree of moisture

● HumidStar Trach Plus for tracheostomized patients to ensure a lung protective ventilation to all patients  


TwinStar Plus Combined Filter Family

● Helps you save on costs and promote patient healing

● Efficiently humidify and heat the inspired air of the ventilator-dependent patient.

● Their high bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates, they exceptionally sustain infection prevention   

Our extensive portfolio of high-quality breathing system solutions for all applications

Choosing the right filter application can have a significant impact on the success of patient ventilation therapies and recovery. As your Specialist in Acute Care, we offer you an extensive portfolio of high-quality breathing system solutions for all applications—supporting you with all your clinical needs.

Filter/HMEs: Supporting daily clinical routine

Download brochure to find out more about our five families of filters and HMEs for all clinical applications and needs. 

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