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Improving financial outcomes through healthcare design

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Managing costs by designing care-centred workplaces

In times of tight budgets and continuous cost reductions, how can a hospital manage to both modernise sustainably and remain state of the art?
In today's hospital setting, managing cost of care is of major importance. In nearly all countries of the world, costs have increased, and the trend is still ongoing. Hospital Management has the need to focus more on efficiency and future proof concepts. Also, factors like reputation and staff satisfaction are coming up due to increased competition between hospitals.


Improving financial outcome by designing optimal care-centred workplaces

Workplace design has more than merely decorative purposes. In general, it aims to use evidence based design principles to improve clinical outcomes, economic performance and productivity, as well as client and staff satisfaction. From a strictly financial point of view, studies have shown that a poorly designed environment in a hospital setting can have serious consequences, such as staff dissatisfaction, or also worsening a patient’s condition, which are both associated with increased costs for the hospital.


Care-centred Design in Hospitals

Why should workplace design matter for hospitals? Dr. Josep Maria Nicolás from Barcelona hospital presents his concept of a care centred and cost efficient ICU. He chose to focus on infection prevention, patient privacy and cutting edge technology.


Infection Prevention

Our devices are optimised to effectively break the chain of infection, due to their design and range of matching disposable accessories and consumables.


Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Read more about our strategies and solutions for clinical and network security.


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Learn more about our fast, uncomplicated and reliable services that fit your evolving needs, offering you solutions that give you reassurance and operational continuity while adding value to your investments.


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Case studies

Whether designing a hospital or single care units, factors like clinical efficiency, healing environment and incorporating innovative medical technologies play a key role, but also staff satisfaction. For more than 50 years, we offer a bundle of services to support you in your planning project: From 3D / VR tools, over customer workshops in our Design Centres, to providing you with the data you need, as e.g. BIM documents. We are well acquainted with the local requirements and carry out projects with a high disciplinary knowledge and a broad portfolio.

Infection Prevention - Hospital Magdeburg, Germany

Polaris 600 from C-Level point of view - Hospital Aachen, Germany

Our Workplace Examples

Intensive Care Unit

Get an overview about innovative Intensive Care Unit planning examples which have already been implemented at hospitals.

Neonatal Care

Get an overview about innovative Neonatal Care planning examples which have already been implemented at hospitals.

Operating Room

Get an overview about innovative Operating Room planning examples which have already been implemented at hospitals.

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