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Cleaning working clothing

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Cleaning working clothing

Work clothing is often exposed to extreme conditions. To be ready and well prepared for the next use, the clothes have to be cleaned and disinfected using the right agents.

Preparation of working clothing

Service and working clothing such as special jackets and trousers have to be cleaned, disinfected and impregnated following use.


Saprid Protect® is an ideal agent for impregnating service and working clothing made of Nomex® or Kemel® following cleaning.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Working clothing can be machine cleaned and disinfected using the following agents and disinfectants: Usona® Liquid is a special liquid detergent suitable for the cleaning of fine and delicate fabrics as well as for the wet cleaning and disinfection of sensitive textiles at 30 up to 40 °C. Wool can also be mildly cleaned because the detergent is free of enzymes and has a low pH value.

Triplex® energy plus is a liquid detergent power amplifier for the machine cleaning of heavily-soiled clothing. It offers a very high grease solvency power and is effective at temperatures as of 55 °C.


Cleaning working clothing Product Information, en
Cleaning working clothing Product Information, en


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