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Dräger Flame 5000

The Dräger Flame 5000 is an imaging based explosion proof flame detector. This visual flame detection system uses digital image processing and advanced algorithms to process and interpret flame characteristics. This principle offers an extended field of view and fewer false alarms. Each detector is equipped with a colour CCTV camera.

Flame Detector

  • Sensor: Digital image processing
  • Installation: Flameproof
  • Interface: 4-20 mA, HART®, RS-485, Relay
  • IP class: IP66 / NEMA 4x
  • Special: Colour CCTV camera, Interpret flame characteristics

Immunity against false alarms

The unique software algorithm of the Dräger Flame 5000 is capable of discriminating between genuine fire conditions and other radiant sources that may cause conventional detectors to become desensitized or produce unwanted alarms. The detector is immune to common sources of unwanted alarms such as welding work, hot CO2 emissions and flare reflections. This makes it to a great partner on your oil rig or industry plant.

Maximum field of view

The Dräger Flame 5000 can detect n-heptane fires of 0.1 m2 (1 ft²) or greater at a distance of 44 m (144 ft) within a 90° horizontal and 65° vertical field of view. The detector’s field of view is a rectangular pyramid shape. This gives it one of the greatest standard coverage area and range of any flame detector currently available.

Flexible operation

The Dräger Flame 5000 operates as a stand-alone unit to transmit live video recordings or can be connected to a control system or a fire panel to provide fault and fire signalling. This is achieved using a 0 to 20 mA signal or relay outputs. An integrated memory card enables the detector to record videos before and after alarm events.

Depending on the environmental conditions you can choose between an aluminium or a stainless steel housing.

Safe and fast intervention

Live video provides instant visual verification of a fire alarm without the operator having to enter a dangerous area. This reduces the risk of injury and improves response time.

An optical verification facility checks the window for contamination and ensures its field of view is not compromised by obstructions placed immediately in front of the detector.

Functional test

The Dräger FS-5000 flame simulator tests Dräger Flame Detectors at distances up to eight metres (22 ft). With reduced need for scaffold or ladders to access the detector, maintenance costs can be decreased.

Easy to install and use

The detector is very easy to install using a mounting bracket of stainless steel. The swiveling mounting bracket ensures that the device is optimally aimed towards potential sources of fire. The device status is displayed to nearby workers by tri-coloured LED light.


Flame 5000 Product Information, en
Flame 5000 Product Information, en

The Dräger Flame 5000 is an imaging based explosion proof flame detector.


More than the sum Brochure, en
More than the sum Brochure, en

Dräger is a successful global player in the field of stationary gas measuring technology since more than 70 years. We have been developing gas measuring products, setting new standards for measuring accuracy, durability and customer-specific adaptation.


Explosion Protection Brochure, en-master
Explosion Protection Brochure, en-master

Detecting flammable gases and vapours before they become a hazard takes priority over mechanical and electrical explosion-protection measures.


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Technical Data

Key Facts

Field of view
Horizontal 90°; Vertical 65°
Response time
Typically 4 seconds
Cable entry
M20, M25, 1/2"NPT or 3/4"NPT
Detection Technology
Increased Safety
✓ (SIL 2)
4-20 mA

Fuel ft / m

100 / 30
85 / 25
144 / 44
200 / 61
130 / 40
Ethylene glycol
50 / 15
Crude oil
130 / 40

Technical Data

Power Supply
18 to 32 V DC (24 V DC nominal)
Temperature (operation)
-60°C - 85°C
0 to 95 % r.h., non-condensing
Pressure (hPa)
915 - 1055
Dimensions (H × W × D)
0.2x0.1x0.1 m
13.23 lb
Housing Material
Stainless steel or aluminum
Degree of protection (IP class)
IP66 / NEMA 4X


CE marking
Performance approval
Shipping approval

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