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Dräger HPS® SafeGuard

​The Dräger HPS® SafeGuard is the extremely lightweight universal helmet for fire and rescue services. Its innovative design combines optimal protection with the highest levels of wearing comfort. Its sporty look, light weight and tailor-made accessories make the helmet a real all-rounder for any challenge.


Optimal wearing comfort
Weighing just around 1.25 kg in its basic configuration, the Dräger HPS SafeGuard is one of the lightest helmets in its class. Its innovative design also ensures optimal weight distribution of the fire and rescue helmet. These two factors combined offer you the best possible wearing comfort and the perfect fit for all types of movement – even when crawling. The helmet is characterised by its advantageous weight distribution and the excellent climate characteristics: The excellent thermal insulation helps to protect you when fighting fires, while guaranteeing a balanced climate inside the helmet even during longer rescue missions without respiratory protection. Lots of benefits, all confirmed in external scientific studies.

Ready for every challenge
The multifunctional and sporty design of this compact helmet offers you exceptional protection, without limiting your movements or perception: vital senses such as sight, hearing and sensitivity to heat are not impaired, while at the same time all essential parts of the head are protected. A combination of aesthetic and functional elements makes the helmet attractive as well as safe. Examples include the integration of the lighting and communication systems, and the numerous configuration options and customisation markings available for each helmet. These make it easy to visually identify the role and function of each person.

Quick and easy helmet adjustment
One size fits all - the protective helmet covers a wide range of individual head sizes from 50 to 67 cm. You can adjust the helmet to your head size in just a few simple steps: The chin and neck strap are quick and easy to adjust. In addition, the adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet is particularly easy to access.


A helmet for all situations
Thanks to its universal design and multiple certifications, you can make perfect use of the helmet for all key applications required in fire and rescue services. The special endurance testing conducted by Dräger also means that you can rely on the multifunctional helmet to consistently deliver a high degree of safety, reliability and quality. With its fully integrated, highest optical quality visors, your face and eyes are perfectly protected. Moreover, the additional multi-coating feature prevents it from fogging and scratching. A gold coating not only provides the best possible protection against radiant heat but also gives the helmet a stylish look.

For better visibility
The helmet is available in a wide range of colours. For the best possible protection in conditions of poor visibility, you can also fix reflective strips in different designs all around the helmet, making it easily identifiable day or night. The HPS BuddyLight on the back of the helmet provides additional safety - it ensures that you can be immediately recognisable from behind even in conditions of poor visibility. You can use the individual lighting solutions to illuminate your immediate workspace as needed: our integrated, explosion-proof helmet lamps can be fitted at the front or side and can be handled hands-free.


Lots of options – easily fitted
For your convenience, the construction of the helmet has been streamlined to just a small number of main components, thereby simplifying the spare-parts logistics. You can easily and intuitively attach individual parts and accessories. You don't need any tools to replace the parts. All electronic accessory components can be powered using standard commercial batteries. In addition, RFID transponders and barcode technology also support your logistics processes.

Straightforward cleaning and maintenance
Whether manually or mechanically - you can use any common cleaning process on this protective helmet without any problems. In addition, the simple and tool-free removal of just four component parts makes for quick and effective cleaning of some or all parts of the helmet.


Unhindered communication
Thanks to the helmet shell’s special design, your ears remain uncovered. For you this translates to improved communication with your team, that is being able to hear and speak to them clearly. Even the perception of background noises is flawless.

Optional integrated communication system
In addition, the integrated Dräger HPS-COM helmet communication unit provides reliable support for radio communication. Alongside its excellent voice quality, its stand-out features include a robust, compact design and easy installation. The new dual-mic technology is ideally suited to all operations, with or without breathing protection.

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HPS SafeGuard Product Information, en
HPS SafeGuard Product Information, en


HPS BuddyLight: Technical Data Sheet, en
HPS BuddyLight: Technical Data Sheet, en


HPS SafeGuard Eye guard: Technical Data Sheet, en
HPS SafeGuard Eye guard: Technical Data Sheet, en


HPS SafeGuard face guard: Technical Data Sheet, en
HPS SafeGuard Neck Protector Alu/Nomex (3701708): Technica Data Sheet, en
HPS SafeGuard Neck Protector Nomex, Dutch type (3701709): Technical Data Sheet, en
HPS SafeGuard Neck Protector Nomex, short (3701707): Technical Data Sheet, en
HPS SafeGuard: Technical Data Sheet, en
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Technical Data

Key Facts

Application and helmet usage
Multi-purpose fire & rescue applications
Helmet type
Jet-Style short (Type A3b)
Helmet shell size concept and head size range
Universal size 50 -67 cm
2.65 lb
Helmet shell colours
11 colours

Interior design & harness

Continuous head size adjustment
via wheel on the helmet outside
Retention system/harness
3-point harness with adjustable chin and neck straps
Suspension system
Crown straps, comfort pad
Height adjustment

Face and eye protection

Face guard
PC, available in different versions with AS/AF coating
Eye guard (optional)
clear and tinted version with multiple coatings (AS/AF)
Special application visors (optional)
Google (optional)

Helmet accessories

Neck protectors (optional)
3 different versions
Helmet lamps (optional)
integrated front lamp, attached side lamps and attached rear lamp
Helmet communication (optional)
integrated Dräger solution and option to attach other communication systems

Customized marking & labelling (optional)

Reflective stripes
front, back in different colours and designs
Customer logo on front
Customised writing at the back

Helmet & breathing protection

Compatible with masks


Manual cleaning
Machine cleaning, tumble process
Machine cleaning, spray-nozzle process


EN 443:2008
DIN 58610:2014
EN 16471:2014
EN 16473:2014
EN 12492:2012
EN 1385:2012
ISO 11999-5:2015
ISO 16073-5:2019
ISO 18639-5:2018
NFPA 1971: 2018
NFPA 1951: 2020
AS/NZS 4067: 2012
CA Brazil
✗ in preparation

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