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Draeger Quaestor 7000

All static and dynamic tests of the Dräger Quaestor 7000 are carried out fully automatically. Controlled by the newly developed software, each test is carried out intuitively. For the user this guarantees high efficiency through comfort and speed.

Fully-automatic static and dynamic tests

The test process is fully automated. Automatically opening and closing valves accelerate the process and manual intervention is no longer required. An external microphone also automatically captures the switchon point of the low pressure warning. Thus the service technician can use the time during the test for other activities.

Comprehensive test options

The Dräger Quaestor 7000 is available in four different versions that in each case test full-face masks, chemical protection suits, airline breathing equipment and compressed air breathing apparatus for functionality and leak tightness. Tests of diving apparatus (SCUBA), closed circuit breathing apparatus (CCBA) and safety valves (SV) are also possible, if required. The high-precision and manufacturer-independent measurements are carried out according to EN 137 and vfdb guideline 0840-02.

Ergonomic and flexible pressure connections

The pressure connections of the Dräger Quaestor 7000 are of ergonomic and flexible design. The medium pressure inlet is provided with an extendable hose, to eliminate the risk of leaks and resistance due to additional extension hoses. In addition the rotatable medium pressure outlet reduces the distance between the breathing connection of the lung demand valve and the mask opening or breathing adapter, e.g. if the test head has been rotated by 90 degree.

Optimum tight fit for all mask sizes

The test head can be turned without restriction and removed as required. This flexibility allows the user to tailor the test design even more individually and comfortably to his requirements. In addition, the gel face of the test head which emulates the elasticity of the human facial skin optimizes the tight fit for all common mask sizes.

Intuitive software

The included software contains a comprehensive database of preinstalled amendable device data. With user notices and graphic elements the manual test steps are presented comprehensibly even for inexperienced users. After every completed test a test result report is created for documentation purposes. An optionally applied test-due list provides timely information about tests that are due. The software also permits a customerspecific design of the test sequences, events and intervals.

Smart accessories

Included in delivery are an external microphone for the detection of the switching point of the low pressure warning and a specially designed bracket to ensure a comfortable rest position of the manometer or Dräger Bodyguard®. As optional accessory, the QSI Box guarantees a sound insulation of the low pressure warning. In addition a holder for all mask-helmet combinations can be upgraded to the test head. Furthermore, a compressed air breathing apparatus holder allows for a positioning at eye level.


Protector Software V7.2.0
Protector Software V7.2.0



Dräger Quaestor 8000Replacement Product

​All static and dynamic tests of the Dräger Quaestor 8000 are carried out fully automatically. Controlled by the proven Protector software, each test is carried out intuitively. For you, this guarantees high efficiency through comfort and speed.

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