Special effects

Accoustic and optical special effects make your training situations even more realistic.

Fog machines

The Dräger fog machines are suitable for stationary and mobile respiratory protection exercise facilities. They cloud the exercise room with non-hazardous, artificial indoor mist. The mist is produced by vaporizing the non-oily mist liquid in a preheated device.

Sound system

The Dräger sound system consists of a control unit, CD-Player, power supply and sound CD as well as two 80W speakers. The sound is controlled via the PC.

Light effect machine

The Dräger light effect machine simulates the optical conditions of fire drills. It consists of a control part with a power switch and a three channel lighting console to connect to a CD player or PC and a spotlight with 3 differently colored 60W molded glass reflector lamps mounted to a small wall holder.

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