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Draeger X-plore 2100

The Dräger X-plore® 2100 is the reusable alternative to disposable dust masks. The X-plore® 2100 is the ideal solution for people working frequently in dusty environments. Its replaceable filters provide protection against solid and liquid particles. This half mask offers the perfect combination of comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Excellent tight fit

The mask body of the X-plore 2100 offers a first class tight fit with clearly reduced leakage figures compared to conventional filtering facepiece respirators.

High level of wearing comfort

Optimal wearing comfort is achieved by two available high quality materials, EPDM and silicone, in two sizes.

Comfortable Breathing Zone Climate

The exhalation valve is located at the lowest point in the mask, which helps to effectively remove exhaled moisture and perspiration.

"Drop down" harness

The mask can be removed from the face without removing head protection by simply unclasping the neck fastener. While in the drop-down position, the face-seal portion of the mask remains against the body therefore protecting against contamination.

Large-Capacity filters

During frequent and prolonged use in dusty environments the practical replaceable FMP2 and FMP3 filters protect with high filter performance and low respiratory resistance against solid and liquid particles/aerosols.

Very economical

The replaceable filters have a long service life. The easy to replace and low-cost filters make for an economic use.

Easy donning and doffing

The one-piece head harness with two adjustment points and anti-slip headgear ensure fast and trouble-free donning and doffing in addition to a very good pressure distribution.

360 Product View

Draeger X-plore 2100 360


Light Respiratory Protection from Dräger
Light Respiratory Protection from Dräger

When the ambient air is full of hazards, it is hard to focus on one’s job. We provide you with our best protection, so you can confidently take on your daily tasks and challenges.


X-plore 2100 Donning Poster, en
X-plore 2100 Donning Poster, en


IFU X-plore 2100 - 9021669 de-me
IFU X-plore 2100 - 9021669 de-me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


Technical Data

Key Facts

Product type
Single-filter dust mask
Working in dusty environments
Protection against
Fine dusts, solid and liquid particles in dusty environments
Reusable (mask only)
Filter connection
Filter positioning
Front (integrated in mask body)
Corresponding breathing filters
Dräger replacement filters, available with protection classes FMP2 and FMP3
EPDM: universal size; Silicone: S/M and M/L
Weight (mask only, approx.)
0.24 lb


Mask body
Silicone (especially for sensitive skin) or EPDM
Head harness
Head straps
Textile strap


Drop-down option
Storage accessory
Storage box optional
Preconfigured sets
Set consisting of mask and 5 particle filters (FMP3 R D)


CE certification
✓ (EN 1827)
AS/NZS 1716:2012

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