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Innovation for life

For over 100 years, Dräger has been driven by the desire to help protect and save people’s lives. We do so by striving for innovation and continuously improving our products, in order to provide the best breathing protection available. From the first early breathing apparatuses to today’s state-of-the-art SCBAs, and beyond, we aspire to create superior breathing protection.

Workforce Diversity

Fire services tactics

Growing diversification and its implications

Much like the world in general, fire fighting is constantly changing and evolving. As society becomes more diverse, so does your fire department – in both numbers and composition. Diversification enriches everyday life, but at the same time, brings new challenges to ensure every individual is properly equipped to do their job.


PPE should protect, not prohibit

In times of a decreasing workforce, many firefighters work longer and harder during fire missions. As humans age, strength gradually decreases. At the same time, women, who have a different body type than men, are entering the profession more than ever before. It is important that protective equipment protects the back and joints and doesn’t put undue strain on the individual wearer


A perfect fit for everyone

Just as every mission is different, so are the physical requirements of emergency services Regardless of a person’s body shape or condition, in the rush of an incident, equipment must be adjusted easily and properly to an individual’s physique. PPE doesn’t only protect the wearer, but also their skeletal and muscular systems, and their freedom of movement.

Intuitive Design

No time for questions in the heat of a mission

In modern fire departments, there may be a high variance of experience and different mother tongues among personnel. At the same time, there’s a life-saving job that must be accomplished. There is no room for complicated or extensive instructions on equipment. We make our equipment simple to use and easily comprehensible at a glance. This makes handling the equipment more effective and saves valuable time - in use and for training.

Firefighter equipment - Incident section

Firefighting Equipment

Facing new demands for firefighting, Dräger offers solutions that match those needs – so firefighters don´t have to worry about their gear but can fully focus on their mission.

The history of Dräger SCBA

We have strived to use new innovation and ideas to continuously improve the Dräger SCBA because we want to protect you every step of the way.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger scba model (1941)
Model 10

Dräger SCBAs have evolved through 80 years of persistent engineering dedication. The Dräger SCBA journey began in 1941 with Modell 10 which was used for short-term use to provide air for up to 10 minutes.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA30 (1951)

In 1951, the PA30 followed with new innovation in the form of a two-cylinder apparatus giving the wearer longer operating time.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA34 (1953)

Not even two years had passed, and Dräger introduced its PA34. Providing medium pressure from the back, it integrated a lung demand valve (LDV) and hose which extended from the back plate to the wearer’s full-face mask.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger DA58 (1953)

In 1953, the DA58 came out with an additional feature which made movement much easier for the wearer. By placing the medium pressure reducer closer to the mask, the air supply hose became smaller, thus increasing the freedom of movement.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA54 (1969)

In 1969, PA54 was introduced as the first SCBA using 300 bar technology, it was also the first ever polymer back plate which significantly reduced its weight and enhanced its ergonomics.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA80 (1975)

In 1975, the launch of the PA80 brought with it more first-of-its-kind technology. Its highlights included the first balanced pressure reducer and the first positive pressure (PP) lung demand valve.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA90 and PA94 (1992)
PA90 and PA94

In the 1990s Dräger continued its leadership in technology for life with new, state-of-the-art advancements to the evolution of the SCBA. The PA90 and PA94 can be succinctly summarised in one word: better.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PA90 plus and PA94 plus (1995)
PA90 Plus and PA94 Plus

In 1995, the PA90 Plus and PA94 Plus were introduced onto the market in 1995. Significantly upgraded components further pushed the SCBA technology forward—always with the user’s needs at the forefront.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing draeger PSS 500 (1997)
PSS® 500

In 1997, PSS® 500 was introduced with a revolutionary design for the cylinders, allowing never experienced before wearer’s comfort. The PSS 500 ushered in new technologies which focused on ergonomics and first-of-its-kind innovations.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 100 (1998)
PSS® 100

In 1998, the PSS® 100 was introduced to the market. The PSS® 100 showcased the first height adjustable back plate, assisting the wearer to swivel and slide thus markedly improving flexibility of movement.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 90 (2000)
PSS® 90

As one century closed another began with just as much dedication and commitment to new and advanced innovation possibilities. The year 2000 welcomed more performance functionalities within the PSS family.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 7000 (2007)
PSS® 7000

In 2007 the PSS® 7000 was launched with a multitude of advanced functions and features. The first model to incorporate a rubberised harness, giving the wearer improved stability and freedom of movement; the first to have reflective shoulder straps thus making the user much more visible.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 3000 (2010)
PSS® 3000

In 2010, the PSS® 3000 was engineered to enhance performance. The PSS® 3000 had the lightest fire-fighting back plate of its generation.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 5000 (2010)
PSS® 5000

In the same year, The PSS® 5000 was designed with extended features in mind and showcased expanded functionalities such as its integrated PASS device with pneumatic gauge.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Man wearing Draeger PSS 4000 (2015)
PSS® 4000

In 2015, the latest release in the evolution of the SCBA the PSS® 4000 joined the family. It is the result of our long commitment to technology for life. The PSS 4000 combines the lightweight built of the PSS® 3000 with the wearing comfort and rugged design of the PSS® 5000.

History of SCBA

The History of Dräger SCBA (A4 Poster)

Download, print and share the History of Dräger SCBA poster!


How breathing protection works

Old rescue tales tell stories of firefighters growing long beards, which they would wet and clench between their teeth to act as a filter from the smoke and debris. Fortunately, breathing equipment has evolved significantly, with Dräger launching its first self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA), the Dräger Modell 10, in 1941.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of face mask regulator
Face mask/ Regulator

A tight seal around the face maintains a higher air pressure inside the mask than the surrounding air pressure.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of lung demand valve during inhalation
Lung demand valve

During inhalation a diaphragm inside the LDV is pulled toward the face mask allowing air to flow into it.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of lung demand valve without inhalation
Lung demand valve

When not inhaling, the diaphragm remains in the initial position stopping the airflow, while maintaining a positive pressure inside the mask.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of personal alert safety system
Personal alert safety system

The Personal Alert Safety System automatically gives audible and visual alarms in case a firefighter is not moving due to being trapped or unconscious.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of harness

Ultra-lightweight, yet high-strength, material provides thermal, impact and chemical resistance properties.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of lightweight SCBA
Low weight

Made of steel, aluminium or carbon fiber composites, its low weight contributes to a lower overall SCBA weight.

Hot Topics - Innovation - Illustration of air supply and gauge hoses
Air supply and gauge hoses

Integrated into the backplate to reduce snagging and the risk of entanglement, easily re-routable and replaceable.

Science behind SCBAs poster

SCBA technology at a glance

Proper use of SCBAs significantly helps to reduce the risks associated with contaminated air and oxygen-deficient environments. Take a look at this infographic to see how SCBA technology keeps firefighters safe.


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