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Innovations on tour - mobile, connected, inventive!

The successful combination of new technological developments and possibilities with our deep knowledge of customers’ requirements, allows us to present a lot of new product innovations to you. 

Our 50 sqm mobile Dräger showroom provides you with fresh input and new concepts for your daily challenges.

We make sure that all staff and visitors are adhering to Covid-19 preventive measures. Wearing the right PPE, Social Distancing and regular sanitization of the showroom is all taken care of. 

We are ready to welcome you on board when you are!  

See you on the road!


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Law Enforcement


For many decades Dräger has gained experience in the fields of breath alcohol and drug screening. We are a world leader in the field of alcohol screening with most Police Forces in the world using Dräger equipment.

Plant Safety


Dräger Gas Detection Systems are used in industrial and business facilities, in public buildings and wherever people and property have to be protected against injury or damage. Based on the individual protection goals, we support you with considerable engineering know-how and services that help to reduce your cost and save resources.

Hazardous Substances


Dealing with hazardous substances is part of the daily routine. In doing so, employees are exposed to hazards from explosion risks or carcinogenic substances in harmful concentrations. Toxic hazards and the threat of oxygen deficiency are also present in various application areas. With our mobile gas detection solutions, you can protect your employees from harm.

Escape and Occupational Safety


When working with dangerous substances, employees have to navigate through a multitude of different challenges. Life-threatening situations can occur everywhere within seconds - whether it is a sudden occurrence of hazardous gases or an explosion. We can offer you a range of breathing and body protection solutions from basic to premium.

Industrial Maintenance


Maintenance and service work in the open or in confined spaces are routine tasks. However, risks can often arise from toxic or flammable gases and vapours, or a lack of oxygen. Therefore, special safety precautions are required. We will help you with the selection of the Dräger products that best meet your needs.

Fire Fighting


We know that you have to expect the unexpected every time you go out on a mission. When it comes to protecting and saving lives, there are many challenges you face every day. When answering those challenges, you depend on your knowledge and the quality of your equipment.

Safety Services


You are familiar with our technology. But are you also familiar with our services? We believe: When the safety of employees and systems is at stake, procuring good equipment is just one component of the concept. Find out more about our Services offerings by simply clicking on the links below.

Highlight Products & Solutions

Visit our mobile showroom and explore our latest products and solutions. Our Safety experts are ready to answer your questions!


Dräger X-pid® 9000/9500

The selective PID gas measurement device is ideal for users who frequently test for hazardous toxic substances. For frequent testing of toxic & carcinogenic substances.


Dräger Pac® 6000

The disposable personal single-gas detection device, Dräger Pac® 6000, measures CO, H2S, SO2 or O2 reliably and precisely, even in the toughest conditions.


Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

The Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL is a wireless transmitter for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen. It’s a flexible and cost efficient solution for plant expansions, upgrades, and new installations.


Dräger Polytron® 8700 IR

The Dräger Polytron® 8700 IR is an advanced explosion proof transmitter for the detection of combustible gases in the lower explosion limit (LEL).


Dräger FPS®-COM 7000

The Dräger FPS®-COM 7000 provides hands-free communication for all wearers of respiratory protection devices during a mission. Excellent voice quality is achieved by removing interfering noises.


Dräger PSS® 7000

Developed by professionals for professionals, the Dräger PSS® 7000 breathing apparatus is a major milestone in our continuing development of breathing devices for the professional firefighter.

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Innovations on Tour - The Safety Roadshow!

Discover our mobile showroom already today and see for yourself how we implemented precautionary measures to make the visit a safe experience during the pandemic.


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