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Outstanding ventilator technology meets the latest approaches to ergonomics and system integration in one innovative anaesthesia machine, developed together with experts from all over the world to streamline your anaesthesia workflow. The Dräger Perseus A500 and Infinity Acute Care System workstation helps improve clinical outcome, workplace efficiency, data accessibility, and infection prevention control.


Dräger Perseus A500 and Infinity Acute Care System

The Dräger Perseus A500 lets you configure your anaesthesia workstation as an ideal support for your workflows. Its outstanding workplace ergonomics and intuitive operation allows you to focus on the essential things. Discover the possibilities of the Perseus A500 workstation with our online Product Configurator and Product Page.

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Transform your clinical workflow with Infinity® Acute Care System. Its multiparameter monitor integrates with its networked medical-grade workstation, giving you real-time vital signs, access to clinical hospital systems and data management applications for a comprehensive range of patient information and powerful analysis tools at the point-of-care.

We recognise your challenges.

We design intelligent workplaces for anaesthesia delivery and surgical procedures with ergonomic workflows and intuitive user interfaces in mind. These factors play an important role in reducing the risk of errors and adverse events. Read on to find out how we provide total solutions and support you in facing your daily challenges below.

Improving Clinical Outcome

“Our hospital deals with an increasing number of seriously ill patients. For some decisions, I’d really prefer to have anaesthesia and ventilation data be displayed together with the hemodynamic patient status!”

The Perseus A500 workstation features seamless integration of data of different modalities. The workstation integrates patient monitoring, ventilation, anaesthesia and IT applications at the point of care on one single screen. Clinical staff will make better informed decisions with a consolidated view. This can optimise clinical workflow and enable seamless interoperability.

“Personally, I’m sometimes surprised how little some hospitals care about the possible development of atelectasis during general anaesthesia. Perhaps because we don’t see the immediate effect while performing lung recruitment manoeuvres”

The Perseus A500 workstation features a Lung Recruitment Procedure window as a decision support tool and device connectivity allows relating hemodynamic and ventilation data to assess the effect of therapeutic procedures. This supports the challenging lung recruitment manoeuvres which helps to improve the patients’ condition, reduce complications, length of stay and the number of re-admissions.

“One of our major challenges during abdominal surgeries is to guarantee patient’s hemodynamic stability and to avoid multi organ dysfunction by measuring increased systolic pressure variation.”

The PPV/SPV tool provides clinicians with complete control over the calculation for more precise results, the tool is not dependent on an algorithm that averages the values over a period and can be used with a respiratory reference from the Perseus A500. When combined with the Analysis Tool, the Clinician is provided with a comprehensive view of respiratory and hemodynamic data.

“I’m working most of the time in Critical Care often applying APRV for special patients. I find when I am supporting a case in the OR and see the deterioration of all my lung protection measures, I’m not in the best mood!”

The Perseus A500 comes equipped with Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV) for spontaneous breathing on all pressure levels. This provides patient with continuity of therapy quality throughout their hospital stay.

Managing Cost of Care

“It is mandatory to check all of our devices every morning. We spend a lot of time to get this done. We’d like to free this time for our patients!”

The Perseus A500 features a timer-based fully automatic self-test and the machine can be switched off at night. This will reduce time investment during start up and power consumption at night.

“I need a fast response and repairs if there is any issue with my anaesthesia device. My time is too valuable to stay on the line and explain all the failure details!”

The Perseus A500 can remotely trigger a service call with a “Service Help Ticket”. A networked logbook data transfer for root cause analysis is generated prior to on-site servicing. This reduces labour time, travel expenses, and ensures the availability of spare parts.

Ensuring Staff Satisfaction

An anaesthesia workplace consists of several medical devices, each of them have their alarms and alarm tones. This increases alarm fatigue in our staff which results in stress and a risk of human error.

A Cardiac Bypass mode synchronization between the Perseus A500 and the Infinity Acute Care System will be activated and silences all the alarms automatically during the procedure. This will improve alarm management and workflow while reducing alarm fatigue.

“I don’t have enough space for my paperwork, syringes, and masks! Also access to documentation is out of reach. I risk losing focus on my patient!”

The anaesthesia and patient monitoring workstation come with a large working surface and a pull-out writing surface. The configurable and ergonomic design improves clinical workflow so that anaesthesiologists can focus on their patient.

The setup of an Anaesthesia workplace is a challenge because of confined space and difficult patient access. In the US the average incident rate of work-related musculoskeletal disorders among clinical staff is much higher than the average rate of all workers1.

Our experts will help you to customise your clinical workplace environment with your patient in mind. We will focus on hygiene concepts, minimizing noise levels, comfortable lighting and integration of mobility aids. Our goal is to improve workplace ergonomics, turnaround times and infection prevention.

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Enhancing Patient Experience

This increasing demand to perform complex anaesthesia on the very young to the very old patient demographics is challenging enough. The added complexity of patients with multi-organ problems and co-morbidities often directly from the ICU demands a lot from our devices.

The Perseus A500 features a precise turbine ventilator that can be configured to various ventilation modes according to clinical needs. Patients can receive ICU quality ventilation in the operating room, this helps reduce lung complications resulting in shorter hospital stays.


Dräger Perseus A500 Smart Features - Part 1: Vaporview

The Dräger Perseus A500 anaesthesia workstation provides smart solutions to optimise your workflow in the operating room.

Learn more about the rest of the smart features here:

Perseus A500 - Lung Recruitment - Empowered with tools, to improve outcome

Perseus’s outstanding ventilation performance has been even further improved with key ICU ventilation techniques to incorporate- lung protective strategies in the OR. Watch more videos on Lung Recruitment here:

Perseus A500 - Lung Recruitment - Open the lung safely and gently because it matters

Perseus A500 - Lung Recruitment - Less complexity, more intuitive functionality

Perseus A500 And Its Importance for Specialist Development -Toho University Omori Medical Centre

Japan’s ageing population represents a challenge to all branches of medicine. Therefore, reliable devices with corresponding monitoring technology are in demand in operating rooms. In the newly opened Perioperative Centre at the Toho University Omori Medical Centre, reliance is placed on Dräger’s Perseus anaesthesia device and SmartPilot View technology. Other reference videos available for the Dräger Perseus A500 include:

Damme Hospital: The Perseus A500 undergoes clinical testing

Reference Case Rennes: Decision Drivers for Perseus A500

Reference Case Rennes: User Insights Working Level Perseus A500

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