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Intensive care units for premature babies are stressful environments – for the parents of the small patients, the doctors, the nursing staff and for the babies themselves.

The concept of pro-developmental care addresses precisely this topic: reducing stress for the patients in the neonatal unit as much as possible. This should in turn promote both neural and physiological development.

Learn more about the innovative technology that helps you improve the standard of care of the newborns.

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About the Speaker:


Mr. Christian Bozsak

Regional Marketing Manager for Respiratory Care and Neonatal Care - Dräger

Christian Bozsak joined Dräger in 2015 and has since played a key role in educating clinicians and Dräger’s partners on how they can improve their clinical practices through application advice and product training. Christian initialized and accompanied various scientific, pre-clinical and clinical co-operations with international experts in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine, neonatal intensive care and mechanical ventilation.

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Thermoregulation in the NICU

The importance of maintaining the body temperature of a newborn baby is not a new concept. But this topic of thermoregulation is still not receiving enough attention in hospitals. Nevertheless, careful heat management during many interventions and therapies clearly affects patient outcome. Learn this important topic in depth and the tips on dealing with it.


Infection Prevention at utmost importance

Premature babies are much more susceptible to infectious diseases than full-term babies. This means that infection prevention is especially important for them.  Learn the easy reprocessing steps for Dräger Babyleo.


Smoother workflow procedure in NICU

There are many reasons why smooth workflows are becoming increasingly important in units providing care for premature babies. Stress caused by juggling more and more tasks, the increasing survival rate of premature babies with very low birth weights and demographic changes are just a few of these. Learn how to increase your outcomes with improved workflow procedures.


Noise & Light in the NICU

For the smallest and most vulnerable of hospital patients, things can quickly become critical. For this reason, premature babies need an environment in which not only the medical parameters are right, but one in which everything is conducive to their growth and development. Learn about developmental care and many other aspects of caring for premature babies.


Kangaroo Care for preemies

Kangaroo Care was introduced as early as 1970s. Preemies were physically placed on the mother, day and night, which resulted a higher survival rate. Soon it become a common practice in hospitals around the world. Learn about the benefits and how to incorporate kangaroo care into your unit.

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