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As specialists in acute care, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to people working in acute care. Below, you can find a range of education material to support you with your everyday needs such as, product trainers, clinical booklets, product videos and case studies.

Get support from downloadable interactive product trainers to practice control concepts of Dräger products.

Savina 300 Select - how to use

This video explains the most important functions of Savina 300 Select. It also explains how to prepare and to start operation of the device and moreover how to use and clean it.

Discover the NI ventilator Carina®

This video will show you the most important functionalities of the NI ventilator Carina.

Draeger Autoflow Booklet

The Oxylog 3000 plus incorporates the benefits of pressure controlled ventilation into volume controlled ventilation.

Breathing Book
Draeger Breathing Booklet

Spontaneous breathing during artificial ventilation

Electrical Impedance Tomography
Draeger Electrical Impedance Tomography Booklet

The realisation of regional ventilation monitoring 

Authors: Eckhard Teschner, Michael Imhoff & Steffen Leonhardt

High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation
Draeger High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation Booklet

Theory and Practical Applications 

Author: Jane Pillow

It began with the pulmotor
Draeger History of Mechanical Ventilation Booklet

The History of Mechanical Ventilation 

Author: Ernst Bahns 

New ventilation modes in intensive care
Draeger Ventilation Modes Booklet

Author: Karin Deden 

Paediatric anaesthesia
Draeger Paediatric Anaesthesia Book

Authors: Dr. K. Rupp, Dr. J. Holzki, Dr. T. Fischer and Dr. C. Keller 

The History of Anaesthesia at Dräger
Draeger History of Anaesthesia Booklet

Volume I 

Pressure Support Ventilation

A New Triggered Ventilation Mode for Neonates 

Authors: Jean Christophe Rozé and Thomas Krüger 

Protective Ventilation
Draeger Protective Ventilation Booklet

Author: Frank Ralfs 

Draeger SmartCare PS Booklet

The automated weaning protocol 

Authors: Andreas Neumann and Hartmut Schmidt 

Volume guarantee
Draeger Volume Guarantee Booklet

New Approaches in Volume Controlled Ventilation for Neonates 

Authors: Jag Ahluwalia, Colin Morley and Hans Georg Wahle 

Low-flow, minimal-flow and metabolic-flow anaesthesia
Draeger low, minimal flow anaesthesia book

Clinical techniques for use with rebreathing systems

Authors: Christian Hönemann and Bert Mierke

Discover news and information on therapeutic approaches via practical examples. In this section you can find a range of case studies on a variety of topics including anaesthesia, bilateral ventilation, disposable expiration valves and a range of SmartCare® applications. Scroll down to download the full article.

Nottingham City Hospital – Innovative Workplace Design
Nottingham City Hospitals Case Study

Nottingham City Hospital chose the Dräger Movita® workplace solution aiming at providing all-round access to the patient, ergonomic positioning and handling of medical equipment, excellent cable management, and a free floor. The new integrated hoist and mobilization system resulted in improved clinical workflow, patient comfort and safety, and staff satisfaction.

Target Controlled Anaesthesia at City Hospitals Sunderland
City Hospitals Sunderland Case Study

In February 2012, Dräger Zeus® Infinity Empowered (IE) target controlled capable anaesthetic machines were introduced into all operating theatres within City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust.

Oxygen Therapy – using Dräger Evita
Glenfield Hospitals Case Study

In 2013 Glenfield Hospitals, part of University Hospitals Leicester, changed its approach to using the Dräger Evita. This has enabled the hospital to make cost efficiencies, improve patient comfort and increase ease of use for staff, forming part of a seamless care pathway.

How low can you flow?
Low Flow Case Study

Although low- and minimal-flow anaesthesia offers many benefits, successful adoption has been hindered by a lack of simple-to-use methods to guide anaesthetists on the efficient usage of volatile gases. This is now set to change following an advancement in gas monitoring software, which measures the actual agent consumption versus uptake.

Knowledge based weaning 1
Knowledge Based Weaning Case Study

Protocolised Care in the Weaning Process.

Knowledge based weaning 2
Knowledge Based Weaning 2 Case Study

Knowledge-Based Systems for Automatic Ventilatory Management

Electrical Impedance Tomography
EIT Case Study

Committed to guiding daily respiratory therapy and helping prevent lung damage. Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) has received increasing attention from the scientific community for more than 20 years. Its documented contribution to monitoring, quantification and the evaluation of therapeutic measures effectively complements other tools for respiratory monitoring.

Evolution of Weaning with SmartCare®/PS
Smartcareps Case Study.jpg

Improving Intensive Care Unit (ICU) outcomes by reducing ventilator associated complications and ventilator days may be achieved by re-engineering the weaning process 1.

Norwalk Hospital
Norwalk Hospital Case Study

At Norwalk Hospital, clinicians are reaping the benefits of a multi-tiered platform in one, user-friendly format.

Smartcare PS Case Study

A case description of a patient who was difficult to wean.

Case Study: SmartCare® “Relentless”
Smarcare PS Case Study - Knowledge Based Weaning System

Philip Thaut, respiratory therapist, explains in this interview why SmartCare®/PS became an essential adjunct to the current ventilator management strategy at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Provo.

Disposable Expiration Valves
Disposable Exp Valves Case Study

In 2009 London’s St Mary’s Hospital Imperial NHS Trust changed from reusable to disposable expiration valves in the adult ICU. The decision, which was based on several factors including improved infection control and ease of use, has also brought the benefits of lower cost and immediate availability.

Derriford Hospital
Derriford Hospital Case Study

When choosing patient monitors for its new Cardiac Unit, Derriford Hospital thought beyond a single unit and created a hospital-wide solution where the monitor follows the patient throughout the episode of care – collecting vital signs data without interruption and making clinical data available wherever needed via the network

Volume Guarantee
Volume Guarantee Case Study

Initiation and ongoing clinical management of an infant supported by Volume Guarantee – A Case Study 

Did you know? (NIF)
NIF Infographic

The Negative Inspiratory Force Index (NIF)

Did you know? (C20/C)
DYK C20.jpg

The C20C Index

Did you know? (P0.1)
P0.1 Infographic

What is it? How is it measured? Why is it relevant? Why is it helpful to improve the outcome?

Did you know? (PPS)
Proportional Pressure Support Infographic

Proportional Pressure Support

Did you know? (Trigger)
The Inspiratory and Expiratory Trigger Infographic

The Inspiratory and Expiratory Trigger

Did you know? (MMV)
Mandatory Minute Ventilation (MMV) Infographic

Mandatory Minute Ventilation (MMV)

Did you know? (Autoflow)
DYK Autoflow.jpg

Autoflow: What is it, why is it relevant and why is it helpful to improve the outcome?

Did you know? (Quick Setting)
QuickSet Infographic

QuickSet: What is it, how to use it, why is it relevant and why is it helpful to improve outcome?

Did you know? (Pressure Link)
Pressure Link Infographic

Pressure Link: What is it, how to use it, why is it relevant and why is it helpful to improve outcomes?

Did you know? (Avoiding Pressure Ulcers in NIV)
Avoiding Pressure Ulcers in NIV Infographic

Avoiding Pressure Ulcers in NIV: What is it, why is it helpful to improve outcomes and how to avoid it?


Savina 300 Simulator


Perseus A500 SW version 1.n


Perseus A500 SW version 2.n


Evita V500 Simulator


Babylog VN500 Simulator


Primus® Trainer


Primus Infinity® Empowered Product Trainer

Topic Highlights

We've worked with experts to put together research-based insight to help you learn more about up-to-date topics in medical care. 


High-Flow Oxygen Therapy


Non-Invasive Ventilation


Noise in the NICU


Preventing Medical Errors in Anaesthesia

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