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Each part can make a difference

Accessories and consumables play a critical role in supporting the functionality of the Dräger workplace solutions. Dräger Originals equal Dräger Quality. We offer smart accessories and solutions that not only protect your devices but optimise the clinical workflow. So, make sure you protect your device and your investment in one of the most innovative technologies in the market. Choose Dräger Originals and make the smallest parts become a strong link in providing optimal patient care in your clinical environment.

Hospital Accessory Catalogue 2022

Something you can count on: Original Accessories by Dräger

Every day, you’re faced with enormous time and cost challenges. You need medical accessories which you can rely on, which keep your equipment running smoothly and which help you improve your processes – so you can guarantee best possible care of your patients.

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Product Highlights

Operating Room

In production, our smallest products go through the same tough quality checks as our other devices – including Dräger Original operating room accessories. Because we know, that when it comes to the operating theatre, there’s no room for error. Dräger accessories and consumables help your operating room devices perform to the maximum throughout every surgery to help improve clinical outcomes.


Soda Lime Drägersorb 800+


Soda Lime Drägersorb Free

Anesthesia set VentStar WT 280

Breathing Circuits

Filter HME TwinStar Family

Filter and HME combination (TwinStar)

Filter SafeStar

Filters HEPA (SafeStar)

Filter CareStar

Filters electrostatic (Carestar)

LiteStar anesthesia face mask family

Anaesthesia Masks

Flow Sensor

Flow Sensor

The smallest parts can be the strongest links

As your specialists in acute care, we understand that even the smallest parts need to function at the highest level. Dräger ventilation accessories lend strong support to the functionality of your workplace solutions and help you optimise clinical workflow. Our ventilation masks, breathing circuits and other ventilation accessories are tested for ultimate compatibility, you can easily integrate our ventilation accessories with the interfaces of your existing devices, enabling them to work seamlessly in the background – so you can stay focused on your patient.

HI-Flow Star Adult L

High Flow Therapy

ClassicStar plus mask

Non-Invasive Ventilation Masks

Anesthesia set VentStar WT 280

Breathing Circuits

Breathing Circuits Heated

Breathing Circuits Heated

Filter HME TwinStar Family

Filter and HME combination (TwinStar)

Filter safestar

Filters HEPA (SafeStar)

Filter carestar

Filters electrostatic (Carestar)

Filter Family HumidStar

HME (HumidStar)

In neonatal care, we put “little” first

At Dräger, we understand that “small” doesn’t mean less important. And that’s why we give our accessories and consumables the highest level of attention – so that when you need to give your tiniest patients the best possible care, you can rely on our smallest products to help you do just that. Dräger accessories and consumables for neonatal care provide you with total solutions to care for premature babies. They are tailor-made to enhance thermoregulation, neonatal respiratory support, vital sign monitoring and much more.

Seattle PAP plus

Seattle PAP plus – Bubble CPAP System

Filter family humidstar

HME (Humidstar)

Filter HME twinstar family

Filter and HME combination (TwinStar)

Breathing circuits heated

Breathing circuits (Heated)

Babyflow plus

Neonatal Ventilation Accessories

Multiparameter cable NeoMed Pod

Neonatal Monitoring accessories

Newborn in incubator

Neonatal Thermoregulation

Giving the smaller parts a bigger role

As Your Specialist In Acute Care, we understand that accessories and consumables play a critical role in supporting the functionality of your workplace solutions. Therefore, we ensure that every one of our products delivers the high level of Dräger Quality we’re proud of. Available in both reusable and disposable versions, our products provide you with the right solution for optimal workflows.

Tcore Sensor

Tcore Temperature Monitoring System

ECG Cable - 3-Lead - Single-patient Use - IEC2

Electrocardiography (Single patient use & Monolead)

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Patient in hospital bed, connected to patient monitoring system from Dräger

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Discover more about Dräger accessories

Dräger accessories: Each part can make a difference

Take a look at how Dräger accessories and consumables provide quality you can rely on and safety you can count on. Because we understand that every detail can make the difference.

Dräger accessories: Tested by our toughest testers

The smallest little testers were the toughest on our products. Take a look at how our accessories were put to the test – and see how well they survived.

Draeger services final monitor settings


We offer comprehensive consulting and support services for our devices to ensure maximum performance for your department. With our experience, flexibility and uncompromising quality standards, we are always by your side – with services that are tailored to your needs.

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