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Manage equipment uptime

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Medical equipment performs at its best when it is correctly and regularly maintained

With our maintenance and repairs contracts, we give you a piece of mind through maximized uptime, performance, safety and device lifetime of our: Anaesthesia Workstation, Ventilators, Neonatal Incubators and Thermoregulation, Patient Monitoring Systems, Medical Pendants, Surgical and Examination Lights.

Our service contracts ensure:

  • Regulatory compliant
  • Operational continuity
  • Budget security

Ad-Hoc Services or Service Contracts? We can help you either way

We can offer original manufacturer servicing on an ah-hoc basis or scheduled regular service visits for a fixed price per device. From maintenance and repairs to remote diagnosis or support for in-house technicians - we are there for you – quickly and reliably.


Preventive Maintenance Only

(PM Only)

Covers only regular preventive maintenance. You may choose PM Only+ to include routine maintenance kits in the regular PM.


Preventive Maintenance and Labour

(PM and Labour)

Covers regular preventive and corrective maintenance. You may choose PM and Labour+ to include routine maintenance kits.



Covers regular preventive & corrective maintenance and spare parts. You may choose Comprehensive+ to include routine maintenance kits.

PM Only

PM Only +

PM and Labour

PM and Labour +


Comprehensive +


Preventive Maintenance







Corrective Maintenance

(Breakdown calls)





Spare Parts



Routine Maintenance Kits * *




   * Includes non-office hours

* * Different kits for different devices. Please contact our engineers.


Our tiniest patients deserve the highest level of patient safety. Why maintenance for Thermoregulation matters?

  • Ensure the safety of the baby
  • Prevent infection of internal pneumatics
  • Prevent improper ventilation
  • Prevent shutdown of the device
  • Possible failure of oxygenation measurement

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We strive to help our customers to have the highest uptime on their critical equipment and keep it in perfect condition.

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