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Use Original Hospital Accessories

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Use Dräger original consumables and accessories for traceability and medical device compatibility


Important label: Originals by Dräger

To ensure device compatibility, MDA traceability, and product quality, please look for this label on the product packaging to make sure your consumables and accessories from Dräger is from Draeger Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. or another authorised source.

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1. Why it is important: MDA traceability

According to Medical Device Authority (MDA), “Mandatory problem reporting element is mandatory for every establishment licensed by the Medical Device Authority. The objective of the report is to raise the issue of mandatory health protection and safety of patients, users and others to disseminate information that helps prevent the recurrence of mishaps.” [Source]

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2. Why it is important: Device compatibility

When buying from Dräger authorised seller, you will always be assured that the Dräger products you get is authentic and compatible with devices as indicated. Our accessories are tested for conformity with our devices to secure proper and reliable functionality.  For us, ensuring a commitment to outstanding quality means rigorously testing our products to that they fulfilled all standard requirements.

Click on the infographic below to find out what are some of the clinical benefits using Dräger Originals accessories.

Why use Dräger Flow-Sensor

- Why is flow measurement important in ICU and anaesthesia ventilators

- How does it work?

- What are the clinical benefits?

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Why use Dräger CO2 Cuvette

- Why is CO2 Monitoring important?

- Advantages of Dräger CO2 Cuvettes

- How does work?

- Why should you use original Dräger CO2 Cuvettes?

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Why use Dräger Oxylog Flow Sensor

- Why is flow measurement important?

- How does flow measurement work?

- Why should you use original Oxylog accessories?

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Dräger Accessories Catalogue 2022


Our high standards of quality and innovation are ensured by testing processes in an accredited test center. Dräger original accessories have been tested and approved for use in conjunction with the respective Dräger device or connector. This ensures perfect interaction between device and accessory to ensure optimal patient care.

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3. Why it is important: quality and design

When choosing the right accessory for your clinical environment, each part can make a difference. Several spare parts and accessories offer added values, which make Dräger components a clever solution. Each Dräger original accessory fulfills all official quality standards. Whether it is for patient monitoring, care and treatment of neonates, anesthesia workstations, intensive care, or on the ward, we work to provide you with value that benefits both patient care and hospital workflows. Our accessories are tested and re-tested against our own strict Dräger quality standards.

Watch this video for an example on how Dräger ensure IPC optimization, from R&D to production.

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