Aerosol Therapy

The main benefits of Dräger's high performance aerosol treatment line include a choice of pneumatic or electronic mechanism, the availability of two different nebulizer treatment types, and the ability to adjust for example the particle size, flow and aerosol density.

Medicament Nebulizer Inhalette

The Inhalette nebulizer family serves specific purposes with regards to aerosol therapies. The nebulizer can be operated either with oxygen or compressed air. The aerosol is applied with a mask or mouthpiece.

Inhalette S

The Inhalette S with toggle-switch is used for simple application. This unit produces a fixed aerosol spectrum of 3.7 μm which primarily takes effect in the bronchioles and alveoli.

Inhalette nebulizer “Vario”

The Inhalette nebulizer “Vario” is versatile. To set the optimum droplet spectrum, the nebulizer can be connected via an adapter to an oxygen or compressed air flowmeter. The droplet size is regulated via flow. Low flow = more large droplets; high flow = more smaller droplets.

At a glance

  • Pharmaceutical aerosol ideally suited to relevant therapy
  • On/off toggle-switch
  • Use with O2 or compressed air
  • Holder for medicament nebulizer
  • Sterilization at temperatures of up to 134 °C
  • Gas inlet filter (flowmeter/toggle-switch valve)


Inhalette Product information, en
Inhalette Product information, en


Accessory Catalogue 2023, en
Accessory Catalogue 2023, en


IFU Aerogen USB Controller AG-UC1050-NE
IFU Aerogen USB Controller AG-UC1050-NE

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