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Medical Gas Alarm Management Systems

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Medical Gas Alarm Management Systems

All alarms and operational data right where you need it.

Area of use

The Alarm Management System is an integral component of the Dräger Gas Management System. It allows comprehensive monitoring of your medical gas supply system. Emergency and operational signals are recorded by data collectors and made accessible to the entire network. Data can be displayed either locally or at a central monitoring station.

Interface module

To transfer signals and readings from the Alarm Management System to a central Building Management System, the GMS Gateway is used. The Gateway translates the signals from the Alarm Management System into the LONWorks standard, which can be processed by most conventional process control systems.

Well invested - today and tomorrow

Due to the decentralised design, new components can be added or existing configurations can be changed at any time, and since a standard data transfer protocol is used, new components will always be able to communicate with the existing system. As each component has a separate function, existing systems can also easily add on and make use of those new functionalities. Thus, your Gas Management System can be easily brought up to date as required.

Intelligent components

The system consists of a series of separate components which communicate via data line. Each component is designed for a specific task and is capable of processing the necessary signals from the system. A special alarm system interface collects the data from the pressure monitoring and the optional gas consumption meters and makes these available to the system. Alarm signals can then be transferred to a Monitor 6G or a Monitor LLT, or even to a central Building Management System, independently.

Tailored configuration

Because of its modular design, the Alarm Management System can be precisely tailored to the circumstances on site. Depending on the number of signals, more or less data collectors or displays are used. A configuration software is used to regulate the interplay between components.


GMS System Brochure, en
GMS System Brochure, en

Because every breath is vital - Dräger Gas Management Systems for hospitals.


Brochure: Alarm Management Systems (PDF)
Brochure: Alarm Management Systems (PDF)

From a pure alarm system to active monitoring of the central medical gas supply.


IFU Alarm Management System 9056141 en
IFU Alarm Management System 9056141 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Analog Input Module 9056183 en
IfU GMS Gateway 9038788 me
IfU GMS Gateway EN 9052449
IfU Monitor 3G / 6G and 3N / 6N 9029585 me
IfU Monitor L/LL/LLT 9029586 me
IfU Monitor L/LL/LLT 9037002 me
IfU Monitor L/LL/LLT 9053085 me
IfU Monitor R 9055461 me
IfU Operating and emergency signals 9055460 me
IfU Operating- and Emergency Alarm Panels 9029589 me
IfU Operating- and Emergency Alarm Panels 9053088 me

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