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The incident commander needs live information from all SCBA wearers at all entry points and to know they are accounted for in any scenario. The Dräger FireGround Accountability System accomplishes this in a rapidly deployable mode, minimises the need for voice communication via radio and allows remote monitoring with incident reporting. 

​Precise monitoring with independent real time data transmission

The Dräger FireGround Accountability System is engineered to transmit vital information in real time, giving you, as incident commander, more time to make tactical decisions. This advantage significantly increases the overall safety as well as reassures your team during a deployment. Dräger FireGround creates a proprietary network independent of available network and power infrastructure.  In addition, our solution also offers cloud services for customised reporting and remote monitoring.


Automatic activation and log-on
For safe and rapid deployment: We designed our Dräger PSS® AirBoss Connect to activate the radio transmission automatically upon opening the cylinder valve. All relevant vital data and alarms from the active breathing apparatus can now be easily viewed on your smart device. Moreover, you are still able to incorporate a personal exchange with a firefighter if your standard operating procedure (SOP) requires it, making the entire accountability process more reliable and safer for your team during an incident.

Real-time transmission with a broad range of alerts
Having all information at a glance during critical situations is essential. The Dräger PSS AirBoss Connect has been engineered with a wide range of alerts:

  • Cylinder pressure, low air alert and time to retreat
  • Manual distress signal, motionless alert and thermal alert
    Communication alerts and acknowledgment, e. g. universal evacuation message
When critical situations arise, you are always informed. The alerts, transmitted in real-time, give you the advantage to reliably identify the firefighter in need and contact them immediately. 

Non-verbal communication allows less radio traffic
The Dräger FireGround Accountability System simplifies the continuous exchange of data by reducing the need for verbal status updates. This substantially frees up the use of land mobile radio (LMR) for tactical messages giving you and your team more time to concentrate on the main task at hand. Communication alerts, e. g. a universal evacuation message, are received on the Electronic Control Unit with an audio alert. You see exactly who acknowledged the alarm and who did not, so you are able to contact the latter specifically using the land mobile radio. 


Rapid team deployment
The Dräger FireGround App is designed with firefighter-specific usability in mind, seamlessly integrating into standard operating procedures. The FireGround displays all active SCBAs by assigning them a customised equipment ID, or by the name of its wearer. Afterwards, each SCBA or firefighter can then be added to a team using a drag’n’drop. This way, pre-defined teams can be effortlessly created and automatically added, for example, engine 26, attack 1.

Keeping track
In addition to being able to monitor firefighters at the scene, the FireGround App also helps you keep track as the incident unfolds. You can use it to draw incident layouts, make voice recordings, and add photos.  Every entry is time stamped to assist you with the report write up. With the FireGround Web, you have an overview of entry points, which allows higher command levels to be informed instantly if critical events occur.

Intuitive interface
FireGround’s main screen gives you a detailed overview of each SCBA wearer at first sight. For those reaching critical pressure levels or showing specific alerts, they are displayed on top. Our system gives you the opportunity to continuously monitor your team on site and any problems they may be facing.

Easy to set-up
To access Dräger FireGround Web, you will only need a device and an internet browser. Dräger’s registration and configuration process based on a QR code makes registering in FireGround Web and configuring all your FireGround Apps and HUBs particularly efficient and seamless.


Remote Monitoring
The optional Dräger FireGround Web enables command staff, management and workshop to utilise the data created on scene wherever they are. All that is needed is to connect the FireGround HUB to the Dräger Cloud via LTE. You can remotely monitor multiple incidents at any time and get the full incident log, increasing safety in large-scale and complex scenarios alike. The same information as on site like pressure readings, alarms as well as any other data the FireGround App user shares, are available. By having a direct connection for notes or pictures, central command always has a clear understanding what is happening in any given situation. 

Customised incident reporting and comprehensive analysis
As an additional benefit, you can easily customise reporting for multiple purposes from the user or device history to synchronised overviews of complete incidents. The ability to create incident reports on evidential and tactical levels gives you a comprehensive and valuable analysis. Dräger offers you a multi-stage data logging system – in the SCBA's electronic control unit, the FireGround App and the Dräger Cloud - ensuring data availability in any case and at any time.

Outstanding building propagation
Our Dräger FireGround Accountability System has a dependable wireless communication system that allows you to stay in contact in a range of up to 1.5 km, thus greatly improving the line of communication even if you are not directly at the incident. This range is however affected by the type of construction and building (e. g. typical family dwellings, average warehouses or tunnels). Together with our customer, we performed tests regarding the range between an SCBA user and one FireGround HUB achieving outstanding results. In addition, when more SCBA users enter a structure, the better the FireGround signal is shared between network components. Every PSS AirBoss Connect and every HUB automatically acts as a repeater – extending overall propagation with every step.


FireGround Product Information, en-gb
FireGround Product Information, en-gb

The incident commander needs live information from all SCBA wearers at all entry points and to know they are accounted for in any scenario. The Dräger FireGround Accountability System accomplishes this in a rapidly deployable mode, minimises the need for voice communication via radio and allows remote monitoring with incident reporting.


Fact Sheet - SaaS, en global
Fact Sheet - SaaS, en global


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