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Fire fighter fitness equipment

​The physical and psychological stress by wearing respiratory protection is enormous. Dräger helps you to optimally prepare yourself for the fire brigade using the respiratory protective equipment. A balanced training with fire fighter fitness equipment ensures that the emergency services are prepared to go into the training gallery.


​For your training Dräger offers various exercise equipment, such as Bicycle, treadmill, Endless ladder, mobile ergometer, stepper or impact device. With them the physical fitness can be checked before the trainers go through the training track.


​It is vital for teams to stay fit without overworking the body. The treadmill constitutes a part of the fitness program. The digital display provides information on speed, hill, pulse, time and distance. You can control the treadmill by touching the display (Touch Panel). Optional linking with the Dräger Fitness-Control-Software (TCS 5000). When linking it with the Fitness-Control-Software, performance levels are set by the trainer and the trainee logs into the fitness device with the transponder. The treadmill offers maximum comfortable running. This prevents the usual reactions to overworking in the joints as well as in the lumbar and hip regions.

Cross walker

​Due to the elliptic motion sequence of the Dräger Cross Walker, back, hips and joints are only minimally strained. The Cross Walker works as a full body ergometer at a constant wattage with a pulse-controlled performance system. Five different programs provide a balanced training for all user groups. Thanks to the elliptic motion sequence, overwork and injuries of the active and passive musculoskeletal system are minimized. 

Arm ergometer

​Seated or standing up – the precise mechanism of the arm ergometer enables the targeted training of different muscle groups. The arm ergometer has a clearly arranged display that shows all the performance data (e.g. No. of turns, pulse, heart rate). The individual positions of the mechanism can be set smoothly and be precisely positioned with a special two-motor-principle for the targeted training of different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, arm and back muscles).The electric, height-adjustable wall hanging enables training in a sitting or standing position. 

Impact apparatus

​When a participant exercises on the Dräger impact apparatus, a weight of 22 kg is lifted and lowered with a rope pulley. A green light shows whether the impact was performed and evaluated correctly. Weight and access can be adjusted according to customer wishes. The number of hits can be clearly read off a big LED digital display. Once the set point is reached, the impact apparatus switches off automatically and gives an acoustic signal. 

Endless ladder

​The ladder is a tried and tested training device that has been used in fire department and mining exercise courses in the last century. The endless ladder constitutes a central and realistic element in today's fire fighters fitness training. Once the set point is reached, the endless ladder switches off automatically. Thanks to its start and stop mechanism and a slow warm-up, the person remains in the right place. The climbing speed can be set smoothly within a range from 3 to 30 m/min., the same applies to the height of the meters to be climbed. 


​Firemen must be very fit all the time – regular training on the stepper prepares them for tough staircase runs and more. Independent and dependent stair climbing are combined in the patented Smart-Step-System. A shock proof and impact proof plastic housing as well as a support frame made of robust steel turn the Easy-Step into a professional training device.It is comfortably controlled by a self-luminous dialogue display with a membrane keyboard as well as backlight view box and luminous points for performance display. 

Bike ergometer

​The bike ergometer is comprised of four training programs including an automatic program with pulse-rate-dependent performance adjustment. This is geared to a preset training target pulse and works completely independently. An automatic torque switch-off reduces resistance in case of possible overwork in order to prevent injuries. The display shows all parameters that are relevant to the training: Pulse, Performance, No. of turns,Training time, Joule or calorie consumption, Stopwatch. 

Dräger Training-Control-Software (TCS 5000)

​Optional linking with the Dräger Fitness-Control-Software (TCS 5000). When linking it with the Fitness-Control-Software, performance levels are set by the trainer and the trainee logs into the fitness device with the transponder.


IFU Fahrradergometer - Conditronic 100 - doc1077 en
IFU Fahrradergometer - Conditronic 100 - doc1077 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


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