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Meeting your patients’ individual breathing needs during ventilation therapies – this is why the right Flow Sensor matters. Exact dosing, stable measurements, controlled flow rates: choosing the right Flow Sensor dramatically improves the delivery performance of your ventilation equipment. Our complete range of Flow Sensors offers you precision and reliability, helping you to improve patient outcomes.

Precise and intelligent flow measurement

Delivering the correct gas flow to your patients requires high accuracy and dependable readings. When you chose anaesthesia or critical care ventilation devices from Dräger, you are choosing from one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this field. We apply the same quality and performance standards in the manufacturing of our Flow Sensors. Whether during anaesthesia monitoring, intensive care treatment, or paediatric environments, life-saving breathing therapies are indispensable to your patients’ recovery. To meet your quality standards, original accessories from Dräger meet those same standards of performance and safety you count on with your Dräger equipment. Our complete family of Flow Sensors – Spirolog, Infinity ID, SpiroLife, sensor for neonatal applications – reflects the experience and expertise we have gained in this field through decades of development and manufacturing. All our Flow Sensors make use of tried and tested hotwire anemometer technology, which supplies ultra-fast and true measurements, in combination with an exceptionally low inspiratory and expiratory resistance. You only need one or two of these high performance sensors to operate nearly all devices in your specific clinical area. Moreover, we have incorporated additional safety features in the flow measurement field provided by the Infinity ID Flow Sensor. Using RFID* technology, it offers you the additional benefit of an integrated compatibility control. This state-of-the-art feature, in our Infinity ID Flow Sensors, checks if the sensor is compatible with the device you are using it with. We help you meet the individual needs of your patients’ ventilation strategies, no matter which Dräger flow sensor you choose – you can be sure you have made the right choice.
* RFID: Radio Frequency Identification

How SpiroLife flows

​Minimise hygiene risks, maximise cost savings. Our SpiroLife reusable Flow Sensor streamlines your staff’s workflows, helping them save valuable time. This unique sensor from the Dräger sensor-family is the first sterilisable high-end Flow Sensor featuring hot-wire technology. Thanks to its reusability, it fits perfectly into your entire sterilisation process. Furthermore, it is also compatible with all existing Dräger ventilation equipment where Spirolog is currently in use.

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SpO2 Sensors Product Information, en

Reusable and Disposable SpO2 Sensors.


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Infinity® ID Accessories Brochure, en

Accessories that actively cooperate


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Precise and Intelligent Flow Measurement Product Information, en
IFU Breathing circuit Oxylog - 9511030 de-me
IfU Infinity ID Flow Sensor 9054021 me
IfU Neonatal Flow Sensor 9039539 me
IfU SpiroLife Flow Sensor 9038622 me
IfU Spirolog Flow Sensor 9054338 me
Technical Datasheet Disposable Delta P Flowsensor, en

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