Infinity® Masimo SET® SpO2 SmartPod® Patient Monitoring Pods

Infinity® Masimo SET® SpO2 SmartPod®

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Infinity® Masimo SET® SpO2 SmartPod®

Brings the advantages of Masimo’s gold standard pulse oximetry to Dräger monitors.

Detects true events during low perfusion + patient movement

​The Infinity® Masimo SET® SpO2 SmartPod® brings the advantages of Masimo’s gold standard pulse oximetry technology and sensors to Infinity patient monitors. Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET) read-through motion and low perfusion pulse oximetry is accurate during low perfusion and most types of patient movement – including shivering, combativeness and seizures. As a result, it can help reduce false alarms and detect true alarms in your patients.

Supports all patient categories

​The Infinity® Masimo SET® SpO2 SmartPod® supports all types of patient, including adults, paediatrics and neonates.

Provides superior pulse oximetry technology

​At Dräger, our focus is on clinical excellence and quality of care. Consistent with that goal, Dräger has performed an analysis of many pulse oximetry technologies, including Masimo SET® and current technology from other vendors. Based on this research, we believe that Masimo’s Signal Extraction Technology provides superior SpO2 and pulse rate measurements during challenging monitoring conditions – including patient motion, low peripheral perfusion and other low signal-to-noise situations.

As a result of this superior performance, as documented in Masimo’s peer-reviewed studies located on, Dräger has selected Masimo as its preferred provider of SpO2 technology. We are investing heavily in the integration of Masimo technology into our vital signs monitors and are confident that this will enhance our products – leading to more satisfied clinical users and ultimately, better treatment for patients.

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