Non invasive blood pressure cuffs (NIBP) Patient Monitoring Accessories

Non invasive blood pressure cuffs (NIBP)

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Non invasive blood pressure cuffs (NIBP)

A complete portfolio. Dräger cuffs come in nine sizes – from infant up to large adult – and include a specially marked extended range; a support for obese patients. The blood pressure cuffs for neonates are available in five sizes. The colour marking and their design support you when choosing the correct cuff size and ensure that parents and their children feel comfortable. Regardless of the application, you can find a Dräger blood pressure cuff that can suit your patient needs. These quality cuffs can help you increase your efficiency, support hospital hygiene and improve patient comfort.

New ergonomic design

​The new line of Dräger single patient use and reusable blood pressure cuffs offers an improved design for increased patient comfort and ease of use. The fastening system was redesigned to prevent skin irritation and provide improved flexibility.

Now available in an extended range of colour-coded sizes, they provide an excellent fit – regardless of patient size or age.

Enhanced patient comfort

​Our new cuff design features a more anatomical approach for both upper arm and thigh placement – with soft, rounded edges for increased patient comfort and easier handling for caregivers. The hook-and-loop fastening system is positioned to avoid skin contact and irritation – making the cuffs more flexible and comfortable.

Improved patient safety

​Accurate blood pressure measurement depends on correct cuff fit. Dräger offers a choice of different cuff sizes for your patients. Dräger cuffs use colour-coding and clearly visible, easy-to-understand symbols to support the correct cuff choice. Dräger cuffs are tested and validated for use with our Dräger Infinity® Patient Monitoring Systems.

Artery, index and range markings are visible on both sides of the cuff to ensure correct positioning. A newly developed Dräger connector, which can be easily opened using one hand, effectively prevents connection errors.

Single patient use cuffs - for hygienic applications

​Our single patient use cuffs support hospital hygiene and workflow by providing a disposable cuff solution for applications where the risk of infection or contamination is a factor. These cuffs are ideal for use in emergency wards, operating rooms, and infection or burn units. Because the hook-and-loop fastener attaches directly to the velour surface, the cuffs can be adjusted for maximum comfort and a best possible fit.

  • Made of durable polyurethane
  • Soft velour surface
  • Free of Latex, silicone

Reusable cuffs - for conventional applications

​For conventional, everyday use – such as in regular wards – we recommend our line of reusable cuffs. Durable and easy to clean, these cuffs are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use. Covered with soft, moisture-repellent material, the cuffs feel pleasant to the skin.

  • Made of durable polyurethane
  • Free of Latex, silicone and PVC
  • Soft, curved edges
  • Washable and submersible for easy disinfecting

Neonatal cuffs - for use with preemies and neonates

​The cuffs for neonates are especially gentle to the baby skin. The new connector of the neonatal cuffs is easy to handle and can easily be opened using one hand. Its design helps to prevent mistaking the cuff with e. g. invasive catheters. Colourful and friendly pictures on the cuffs please children and parents.

  • Made of durable polyurethane
  • Soft, rounded edges
  • Outside of the cuff is wipeable
  • Free of latex, silicone and PVC
  • Colourful, child-friendly pictures

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Blood Pressure Cuffs for Adult Patients Product Information, en
Blood Pressure Cuffs for Adult Patients Product Information, en

Our completely new line of Dräger blood pressure cuffs is designed for increased patient comfort, high accuracy and improved ease of use in any clinical setting.


Accessory Catalogue 2024, en
Accessory Catalogue 2024, en




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