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A comprehensive range of O2 accessories providing quality and comfort for patients and caregivers alike.

Atmospheric oxygen

Room air contains approximately 21% oxygen. This is normally enough for an individual to maintain adequate blood oxygen levels through normal respiration.

Specialized therapy

Oxygen can be delivered to the patient through tubing attached to a nasal cannula (prong), face mask, a face tent or a tracheostomy mask. Dräger provides a comprehensive range of oxygen delivery products for different applications, each designed to treat a specific range of disorders resulting in hypoxia.

Treatment of hypoxia

For various reasons, however, some medical conditions result in lower oxygen saturation levels in the tissues of the body (hypoxia). In many cases, this can be overcome by supplying oxygen to the patient at a higher concentration than the ambient air contains. In addition, oxygen is often used during and following surgical procedures.


O2Star Product Information, en
O2Star Product Information, en


Accessory Catalogue 2023, en
Accessory Catalogue 2023, en


IFU O2 Star - Non-rebreather/medium-concentration oxygen mask 9053887 ME
IFU O2 Star - Non-rebreather/medium-concentration oxygen mask 9053887 ME

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU O2 Star - Oxygen and aerosol mask 9053925 ME
IFU O2 Star - Oxygen nasal cannula 9053889 ME
IFU O2 Star - Tracheostomy mask and face tent 9053890 ME
IFU O2 Star - Venturi mask 9053888 ME

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