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​The Rental Robot is an automated material warehouse for your safety equipment. It reliably supplies every registered user with the correct safety technology and required consumables from its shelves – near the place of use, 24/7. This saves time and resources and creates transparency.

Easy to operate. Efficient and affordable.

The Rental Robot is an automated release and return station for safety equipment. Registered users can get reliable, 24-hour access here to the safety technology, tools and consumables they need – without a break and with unlimited opening hours. We rent out the Rental Robot in various modules with different compartment sizes according to your exact requirements. It offers efficient storage for items as diverse as small gas detection devices or large respiratory protection equipment. We can supply the Rental Robot fully stocked or empty.​

Who? When? What? For how long? Knowledge brings transparency.

The Rental Robot registers and documents every rental action: Who is using which technology and for how long? If a device is damaged during use, the user reports it as defective at the terminal. This gives you a permanent overview of all equipment and their current status. This knowledge, along with the corresponding trend analysis function, enables you to optimise your material logistics and your equipment stocks.​

Are your needs continuously changing? The Rental Robot adapts to variable situations.

We offer the individual Rental Robot solution that is right for your company. We can determine the precise size, configuration and location of the automatic equipment you require. At peak times we simply add additional modules, which we then remove at a later date. You can rent the Rental Robot for individual projects, such as shutdowns, or on a permanent basis. We calculate the consumption and material costs on a project-by-project basis. Alternatively, we can calculate your exact consumption (pay per use). No matter which model you choose, it can be adapted to suit your budget and your planning needs.​


The Rental Robot is available in the following three service options: Rental Robot Basic, Rental Robot Advanced and Rental Robot Professional. Each variation is also available in a Plus version, in which the required safety equipment is included in the scope of delivery of the Rental Robot on a rental basis.​


Not all products, features, or services are for sale in all countries.


Rental Robot Product Information SG, en
Rental Robot Product Information SG, en

The Rental Robot provides automated material logistics for your safety equipment. All registered users can access the compartments to obtain the correct safety equipment and the required consumables – at any time and close to the location of use.


Product Information: Rental Robot, en
Product Information: Rental Robot, en

The Rental Robot is the rentable automated material logistics for your safety equipment. The issue-and-return station provides each registered user with the desired work equipment and any necessary consumables – right there on site, at any time of day, with no need for personnel to stand by and man the station. This not only saves time and resource but also grants full transparency.


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From bridging a temporary shortage of equipment, to procuring special equipment for applications involving specific requirements and equipped with an extensive collection of rental equipment, Dräger Rental Service is an economical alternative to purchasing.

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Not all products, features or services are for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Dräger representative for more information.