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How familiar are you with the term Vision Zero? What is Vision Zero? "A movement that aims to inculcate a mindset that all injuries and ill health at work are preventable and a belief that zero harm is possible."

Accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither determined by fate nor unavoidable, they always have causes and they can be avoided. But how? That's exactly what Vision Zero describe.

Vision Zero is not Dräger's invention but we have been living by this principle. We have a goal to lead you to safer workplaces and eventually Zero Accidents. We can help to make company safer with technology, know-how, expertise, services and consulting. Our webinar and email series will guide you.

Vision Zero - A matter close a heart, a mission for life

In Dräger, we believe that your safety, health, and wellbeing in the workplace is not a luxury, but a standard expectation. Over 80 years afer Vision Zero began, safety has been at the core of our beliefs.

How Vision Zero started?

Customers in the chemical, oil & gas industries are advancing their safety strategies. The goals, conditions, and strategies of global players in these sectors have changed massively over the decade. Learn how it all started...

What is Vision Zero in workplace safety? How to reach Vision Zero and what are the solutions? Find out from our webinar and email series.

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