Communication Units by Dräger

There is no time for misunderstandings in an emergency – be understood clearly with the communication units by Dräger, which ensures clear communication and excellent voice quality even under extreme conditions.

Specially designed for compatibility across Dräger communication systems, the communication units by Dräger can be integrated with other devices for different applications and situations.

The following features are offered by Dräger:

  • Push-to-talk button for secure voice transmission
  • ATEX-approved for environments with potential explosion hazards
  • Universal connection socket to combine communication unit with different types of radio devices






FPS-COM 5000

FPS-COM 7000


Push-to-talk button

Integrated 4-pin NEXUS plug as an interface to external push-to-talk button





Integrated microphone and speaker





ATEX approved



Water-repellant (IP 67)





Sturdy connection socket for varied applications







Bluetooth connection



Click-lock system



Belt clip



2 x AAA

2 x AAA

2 x AA




(without cable connection)

(without cable connection)


250g to 320g
(without battery)

340g to 400g
(without battery)


*Only applicable to the C-C550

Product Highlights


Dräger FPS®-COM 7000

  • Specially developed for hands-free communication during a mission in extreme conditions, requiring protective equipment that restricts body movement.
  • Newly developed digital noise reduction suppresses ambient noises and filters breathing noises, providing optimum voice quality.
  • Voice-activated function provides fast and efficient full-duplex communication within one group or among different ones.

Dräger FPS®-COM 5000

  • Specifically developed for the full-face mask Dräger FPS® 7000
  • Digital noise reduction technology filters out any interference, even in the loudest environment.
  • Communication unit shuts off automatically after a pre-alarm, increasing battery life and lowering maintenance cost.

Dräger ANP-COM

  • Specially developed for use in working environments with high noise volumes, such as offshore sites, shipyards, helicopters, and engine rooms.
  • Even if the battery of the Dräger ANP-COM runs out, it is still possible to transmit and receive radio messages.
  • The slender and durable design makes the Dräger ANP-COM ideal for use with protective headwear like helmets.
  • High-quality earmuff cushions make the Dräger ANP-COM ideal for lengthy periods of comfortable use.

Dräger C-C440

  • Specially developed for deployments using chemical protective suits.
  • Designed to be particularly sturdy, robust, and water-repellant for a variety of applications.
  • The large pressure area of the Dräger C-C440 push-to-talk button enables secure voice transmission when operated via the equipment or worn under protective clothing.

Dräger C-C500

  • Specially designed for a variety of applications, including potentially explosive environments.
  • Integrated microphone and speaker make it possible to use the Dräger C-C500 without an upper unit.
  • Two large push-to-talk buttons enable secure voice transmission when operated via the equipment or worn under protective clothing.

Dräger C-C550

  • User-friendly control unit that allows for independent deployments with the radio receiver.
  • Two large push-to-talk buttons enable secure voice transmission even when wearing protective clothing like gloves.
  • Integrated microphone and speaker make it possible to use the Dräger C-C550 without a connected headset.

Dräger E-COM

  • Cost-effective, multi-purpose solution that is ideal for areas with high noise levels and for wearing under chemical protective suits.
  • In-ear bone conducive microphone with loudspeaker is positioned directly inside the ear.

Dräger MS-COM

  • Developed with additional click-on system for attachment to the Dräger Panorama Nova full-face mask.
  • High quality speech transmission with the microphone positioned next to the speech membrane.
  • Possible connections via universal plug to Dräger Control Units and to a number of different radio devices.


Dräger FPS®-COM 5000: Overview Video

Specially developed for the full-face mask Dräger FPS® 7000, The Dräger FPS®-COM 5000 communication unit ensures clear communication through a voice amplifier unit or radio device – even under extreme conditions.

Dräger FPS®-COM 7000: Overview Video

The Dräger FPS®-COM 7000 is a modern communication unit that provides hands-free communication for critical missions and achieves excellent voice quality via its newly developed digital noise reduction.

5 Reasons to Consider the FPS-COM 5000 or FPS-COM 7000

Learn more about how our communication devices can support firefighters on the mission - when exchanging information with fellow firefighters or distributing orders from the fire chief to all fire fighters.

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