Dräger’s Flame and Gas Mapping

In order to protect both your workforce and your business’s success, it is vital to plan for potentially dangerous situations. Dräger’s Flame and Gas Mapping service offers risk forecasting and analysis that can detect dangers effectively.

Dräger’s Flame and Gas Mapping can be used for new or existing installations to protect monitored areas from the risks of combustible or toxic gas leaks. Dräger’s advanced tools provide accurate coverage graphics to evaluate the risks and help supply solutions.

Key features:

● Maximizes detection coverage

● Increases workplace safety

● Increases productivity

● Reduces installation costs

Gas Mapping and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Risk Based Gas Mapping

The most important factors when designing a gas detection protection plan are ventilation and gas dispersal. Risk based gas mapping adopts CFD study to examine fluid flow in terms of physical properties such as leak rate, wind speed, wind direction, and frequency. These data will then determine areas with higher likelihood of gas presence to optimise gas detection.

Key Features

● Identification of primary and secondary zones of hazard

● 3D visualisation

● Instant coverage results

● High-resolution capability for complex installations

Dräger Pulsar 7000 Series

Dräger Pulsar 7000 Series

Dräger PIR 7000

Dräger PIR 7000


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Dräger's Expertise in Flame Mapping

Our expertise ensures the placing of detectors in appropriate locations to achieve the best possible detection coverage. Flame mapping also establishes the areas with the highest likelihood of fire and gas risks to recommend the most effective detectors layout.

Key Features

● Fire zone calculation and visualisation

● 3D visualisation

● Instant coverage results

● High-resolution accuracy for complex installations

Dräger Flame 2500 (IR3)
End of Sales

Dräger Flame 2500 (IR3)

Dräger Flame 5000

Dräger Flame 5000


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Calculate your savings by going wireless!

Estimate your project costs with the wireless GasSecure GS01 and Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL.

We have the data and Resources to Optimise Your System


130 Years of Experience

Dräger has 130 years of experience in detection and protection. This expertise supports the skills of our consultants in helping you design the optimal flame and gas detection plan. This plan facilitates other safety studies like Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) to systematically identify further possible hazards in the work process.

Protecting your workforce and your business is our priority.

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