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Fixed Gas Detectors

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Fixed Gas Detectors put safety first

In an industrial facility, hazardous substances are part of the daily routine. Dräger’s comprehensive range of fixed gas detectors and controllers includes a broad spectrum of Dräger sensors for measuring toxic and flammable gases and vapours as well as oxygen. We don’t stop there: Our consultative approach means that we can help assess, define and implement complete and individualised fixed gas detection systems for every workplace. When you have the right gas detection system in place, your employees stay safe and work continues smoothly.

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Gas detectors for toxic gases and oxygen

Gas Detectors for Toxic Gases and Oxygen

Toxic gases and vapours or oxygen displacement pose a risk in different industrial facilities. We offer various detectors for toxic gases, which operate on tried-and-tested electrochemical, infrared or open-path detection principles and can detect more than 140 substances.

Gas detectors for flammable gases and vapours

Gas Detectors for Flammable Gases and Vapours

Flammable gases and vapours can become sources of ignition when mixed with air. We offer different transmitters for flammable gases, which operate on recognised infrared, catalytic-bead or open-path detection principles so you can take appropriate action in time.

Flame detectors

Flame Detectors

As an ideal solution to the growing demand for flame detection in industrial applications, flame detectors are also increasingly used alongside gas detection equipment as part of a safe solution. Beside the established IR, UV and UVIR detection, Dräger offers the innovative Multi-channel IR Visual Flame Detection flame detectors.



The controller is the hub of a gas detection system. This is where all of the information goes. The controller analyses the signal from the transmitter and triggers alarms and other countermeasures if necessary. Our gas monitoring systems set new standards in matters of reliability and user-friendliness.

Sensors for gas detection systems

Sensors for Gas Detection Systems

The sensor is the most important component of a gas detector. The gas detector sensor converts the measured variable, e.g. gas concentration, into an electrical signal using either chemical or physical processes depending on the gas sensor type. Dräger offers a wide range of different gas sensors for fixed gas detection systems.

System components for gas detection systems

System Components for Gas Detection Systems

We offer a range of different system components for analysis purposes and for optimising and maintaining your gas detection system, from software and visualisation panels to sampling units.

Advanced options for your challenges

Dräger fixed gas detection systems offer a wide range of special system components and transmitters make your work more efficient. We continuously invest in sensor technology to increase safety on your plant.

Metcam Optical Area Monitoring


Gas cameras continuously monitor large areas for possible methane leaks. It makes the source and the intensity of the leaks visible.

Draeger Polytron 8000 UGLD Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Ultrasonic gas leak detectors are early warning area monitors for detecting high-pressure gas leaks in outdoor industrial process environments.


Refrigerant Gas Transmitters

The infrared technology of the refrigerant gas sensor detects, with high accuracy both environmental leakage limit values and workplace limit values in the ppm range.

The new Dräger REGARD® 7000 lightens your workload

The new REGARD® 7000 adapts to the special needs of your industrial facility. Learn more about the functions of this system. It’s making fixed gas measurement systems safer, more efficient and more user-friendly than ever before.

More than the sum of their components

Gas Detection Systems: More than the sum of their components

Dräger has been setting new standards in gas measuring technologies for more than 70 years. Our modular systems easily integrate with existing and third-party components. We also offer expert planning assistance, maintenance and training. Read about how our fixed gas detection systems, technologies and services help keep your workers and your facilities protected.

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Gas detection systems for plant and operational safety

Gas Detection Systems for Plant and Operational Safety

Trustworthy gas detection systems protect your employees from life-threatening situations. See how Dräger can help.

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