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Safety Solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industries

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Improving workplace safety in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industries

Occupational health and safety in the oil, gas and chemical industry has been steadily improving in recent decades. However, there is still a great deal of potential improvement: with workplace automation and plant monitoring, more proactive accident prevention, and intelligent data management in the era of big data.

To meet these challenges, take advantage of our expertise, our practical solutions and our commitment to quality: for your safety, for your efficiency – for your future.

Innovative gas and flame detection solutions

Every day we work hard with our employees and our solutions to make your work processes safer and more efficient. We pave the way for you to achieve "Zero Accidents", shorter downtimes, faster alarm systems and professional emergency management. The same applies to your facility. So, with precise and reliable products and comprehensive knowledge, you are always ideally prepared for any scenario. Have a look at our latest product innovations:

Dräger X-am® 2800

Dräger X-am® 2800

​The X-am 2800 multi-gas detector measures up to four gases and is equipped with a particularly shock-resistant CatEx sensor. With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live data transmission and powerful fleet management. Designed for personal monitoring, the X-am 2800 offers the highest level of safety at a low cost of ...

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Dräger X-am® 8000

Dräger X-am® 8000

Clearance measurement was never this easy and convenient: The 1 to 7 gas detector detects toxic and flammable gases as well as vapours and oxygen all at once – either in pump or diffusion mode. Innovative signalling design and handy assistant functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

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Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

Dräger Polytron® 6100 EC WL

The Dräger Polytron 6100 EC WL is a wireless transmitter for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and oxygen. The instrinsically safe and SIL2-rated transmitter features completely wireless signal transmission and power supply. The internal battery pack allows the transmitter to operate continually for up to 24 month. This makes the Polytron a ...

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Dräger REGARD® 7000

Dräger REGARD® 7000

The Dräger REGARD® 7000 is a modular and therefore highly expandable analysis system for monitoring various gases and vapours. Suitable for gas warning systems with various levels of complexity and numbers of transmitters, the Dräger REGARD® 7000 also features exceptional reliability and efficiency. An additional benefit is the backward ...

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Featured Breathing Products

Dräger PSS® AirBoss

Dräger PSS® AirBoss

The Dräger PSS® AirBoss offers best in class ergonomics and is one of the lightest weight breathing apparatus for firefighting. Lessons learned from firefighters around the world as well as latest innovations in technology have led us to design an even safer and cleaner SCBA system that enables you to breathe more easily and for longer.

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Dräger PSS® 3000

Dräger PSS® 3000

The Dräger PSS® 3000 is a high performing breathing apparatus for firefighters. Combining comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, it is designed for applications where simplicity and ease of use are key essentials. Lightweight yet robust, and easy to don, this advanced breathing apparatus provides dependable breathing ...

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Dräger X-plore® 8000

Dräger X-plore® 8000

Challenging workplace conditions demand reliable solutions. The Dräger X-plore® 8000 powered-air purifying respirator offers a new level of intuitive handling combined with intelligent electronics that provide the high degree of safety your people need to focus on the task at hand.

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X-plore® 8000 (PAPR)

Workplace environments that compromise the quality of air you breathe demand reliable solutions. The Dräger X-plore 8000 PAPR offers a new level of intuitive handling combined with intelligent electronics. The result? The high degree of personal protection you need to focus on the task at hand.

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PARAT® Escape Hood

Dräger PARAT escape hoods are designed to be easily donned and protect users from toxic industrial and fire-related gases, vapors and particles for up to 15 minutes.

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Dräger PSS 3000

Combining comfort with exceptional performance, the Dräger PSS 3000 is designed for applications where simplicity and ease-of-use are essential.

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Connected safety solutions - Processes for plant safety, maintenance, occupational safety and security can all be streamlined and optimised for operational excellence thanks to networked devices, standard interfaces and reliable connectivity.

Dräger Safety Consulting Services

Safety is essential for sustaining your company. Fires, accidents and other unplanned incidents are dangerous and expensive – and can stop production in its tracks and is almost always costly. Draeger Safety Consulting develops tailor-made solutions for your needs. We offers Safety Consulting across all industries.


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From basic daily safety equipment rental to comprehensive long-term needs, Dräger offers a wide variety of rental services and onsite safety solutions designed to optimize your industry plant processes—leaving you free to focus on your core business.


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Hydrogen Production, Storage, Transportation and Usage

Hydrogen (H2) is one of the most important sources of clean energy. In a move towards a more sustainable future, the number of hydrogen production and distribution facilities is expanding. With decades of experience in the process industry, Dräger is the ideal partner for customers and stakeholders – especially new players on the market – in assessing risks and providing comprehensive consultancy and hydrogen safety solutions. Dräger offers the first point of contact for hydrogen safety issues with thorough knowledge of the hazards of working with hydrogen.

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