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Dräger X-pect® Series

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Our protective eyewear: Expect more than safety

Whether you work on the construction site or in the laboratory, whether you have to deal with gases, vapours and fumes or are exposed to UV radiation – our Dräger X-pect® protective eyewear series has you covered. These safety spectacles and goggles combine high safety with great comfort and attractive design to protect one of your most important organs: Your eyes.

Broad portfolio, high quality, available worldwide

Choose from 16 different high quality Dräger X-pect® models: safety spectacles, cover spectacles and goggles. Designed to be compatible with your other protective equipment. Available worldwide, at a retailer near you.


A factory worker in a chemical plant opening a container, wearing Dräger cover spectacles, FFP2 mask, white helmet, white gloves and a blue Dräger overall.

Broad portfolio for many applications

Particles, vapours and/or gases threaten the eyes and respiratory organs of workers in painting, grinding or metal working, lab work and other areas where hazardous substances must be handled. Reliable eye protection is required or even mandatory – ideally combined with respiratory protection.



Compatible with your other PPE

Our eyewear range has been designed to be perfectly compatible with other personal protective equipment – such as with Dräger half masks. This gives you several options to combine respiratory and eye protection to match your specific needs.


A person in a blurred outdoor work environment looking seriously to the left, wearing Dräger spectacles, a white helmet and a work jacket in yellow signal colour, holding a smartphone-like technical device.

Meets all major norms and standards

Our protective eyewear meets or surpasses international safety standards – from EN to ANSI, CSA and AS/NZS, depending on the model – as relevant approvals are already taken into account during the product development process. Dräger safety spectacles and goggles fulfill optical class 1 for long-time use and offer 99.9 % UV-protection.

Features and benefits of our safety eyewear lines

Our safety spectacles and goggles cover a broad range of applications in many industries. Choose between three classes of eye protection tailored to your individual needs and manufactured with the highest quality and comfort in mind for the wearer.

A pair of Dräger spectacles on plain white background, temples folded out.


Robust and comfortable: Our “safety specs”  offer high safety and a clear view thanks to anti-scratch and anti-fog coating, maximum UV protection and break-resistant polycarbonate. At the same time, soft, adjustable temples and a comfortable nose bridge provide an optimal fit for different head shapes without pressure points.

Fit for many applications:

  • All kinds of crafts
  • Construction work
  • Chemical and medical laboratories
A pair of Dräger cover spectacles on plain white background, temples folded out, facing the left upper corner so the protective rims are visible.

Cover Spectacles

Providing the same safety, robustness, and comfort as our other spectacles, these are combinable with personal prescription glasses. Also available in a tinted version (X-pect 2420) for special light conditions.

Fit for many applications:

  • Various skilled crafts
  • Construction work
  • Chemical and medical laboratories


High chemical resistance due to closed seal design and double acetate or polycarbonate lenses for some models and maximum UV protection. Our goggles fit different head sizes without causing pressure points thanks to their wide elastic headband. Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating provide a clear view in every situation.

Fit for many applications:

  • Petrochemical industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries

Find the suitable respiratory protection

Wherever protective eyewear is necessary, protecting your respiratory system also becomes vital. Dräger respirators are designed to perfectly complement our line of spectacles and goggles. Find Dräger respiratory protection solutions tailored to your individual needs with just a few clicks.

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