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The global spread of coronavirus is a concern for us at Dräger too. Our primary aim is to maintain business operations and fulfill our social obligations to provide for the public.

We are seeing a significant worldwide increase in demand for our ventilators and personal protective equipment. At the same time, we have a duty of care to ensure our employees are properly protected.

We are doing everything we can to maintain the global supply of products and services to our customers, even in these challenging circumstances. Please appreciate that in this exceptional situation our procedures may have to be modified to some extent, and response times may become longer.

We would particularly like to thank all those who are working to safeguard our social infrastructure in these challenging times.


Live Webinar: Standards based medical device Interoperability for high acuity areas - November 30, 2021

In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn how standards-based interoperability of medical devices will drive digitisation in hospitals and make an important contribution to improving acute care. Industry Experts will discuss the new SDC standard, how it relates other standards such as HL7 and FHIR and which initiatives are already being taken to implement this standard in medical devices.

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Dräger Digital Neonatal Nursing Course 2021


Module 8: Neurological System

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021, 11:00 AM  – 2:00 PM (Dubai Time)

Premature infants are vulnerable to destructive brain injury and disturbed neurological development. Perinatal/neonatal brain injury is a leading cause of growth and development impairments of the brain and central nervous system. To improve long-term quality of life for high-risk newborns and high-risk preterm newborns it is essential to have the right tools to prevent long term brain injuries that may occur before, during or right after birth. During this webinar we will discuss fetal development and the functions affecting brain development. Neurologic assessment of the neonate and related diagnostic techniques will be shared during the webinar, as are selected pathophysiologic problems that affect the central and peripheral nervous systems. We will also examine the neurologic problems including neonatal seizures, intracranial hemorrhage, brain injury in preterm infants, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), structural alterations, and other birth injuries.

The lecture will be presented by Linda Pretorius, Developmental Care Consultant, South Africa.

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Live Webinar: Challenges and Chances in Hospital Planning - January 17, 2021

Are you involved in the very complex task of hospital planning? Don't miss our webinar with two speakers - one clinician, one architect - discussing the challenges and chances in Hospital Design on January 17th, 2022, 04:00 pm CET! (11:00 am EST).

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This is what drives us: Improving Acute Care

As Your Specialist in Acute Care, we are committed to supporting you in improving clinical outcomes, managing costs, enhancing patient experiences and ensuring staff satisfaction. That's why, for over 125 years, we have been passionate about developing technologies, products, educational content and services for acute care that can help you achieve your goals.


My Vision and Commitment

“Helping to reduce the number of preventable deaths in hospitals is a pledge that I made. My personal goal goes beyond: Improving Acute Care with technologies and services that lead to therapy assistance and ultimately to hospital automation.“

Stefan Dräger, Chairman & CEO

We support you in every area

At Dräger Medical, our products and services focus on every area of your hospital – to meet all your needs and help you protect, support and save lives.

Protective therapies

We understand that you face a variety of daily challenges in acute care. We aim to help you gain important knowledge relevant to everyday work and provide products, services and insights that contribute to the steady improvement of your acute care departments.

Illustration of a lung protected in an orb

Lung Protective Ventilation

Caregivers use sterile gear to help prevent infection

Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

Product highlights

Whether in neonatal care, the operating room, intensive care or emergency response, Dräger hospital products help you continually improve care.

V800 Product Image

Dräger Evita® V800

VN800 Product Image

Dräger Babylog® VN800

Dräger Atlan A350/A350 XL

Dräger Atlan® A350/A350 XL

Dräger Babyleo TN500

Dräger Babyleo® TN500

Oxylog VE300

Oxylog® VE300

HI-Flow Star

HI-Flow Star


Looking for more hospital products?

Topic highlights

We’ve put together some expert and research-based insight to help you gain knowledge and improve care.

Respiratory Pathway. Support whenever you need it. Individualization of Mechanical Ventilation Therapy.

Mechanical Ventilation

Caregiver places HI-Flow Star cannula to deliver high-flow oxygen therapy

High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Caregiver’s hand rests on premature baby in the NICU

Noise in the NICU

Anaesthetists aim to prevent medical error in operating room

Preventing Medical Errors in Anaesthesia

Caregiver adjusts ClassicStar NIV full face-mask for ventilation therapy

Non-Invasive Ventilation

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