Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management and alarm redirection in hospitals

Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals

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Alarm Management

You treat high-acuity patients with a number of medical devices that generate alarms. Some alarms are urgent and require immediate intervention. Other alarms are simply for information purposes, to notify you of a status that may deteriorate and require a direct intervention with the patient at a later stage.

Alarms pose a significant challenge for clinical workflows. Developing effective methods and incorporating proven technologies to manage alarms can generate many benefits. We can assist you in exploring solutions that could enable you to increase efficiency or improve patient safety and medical staff satisfaction, while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Recognising the challenges

In acute medicine units with many patients, audible alarms often create an uncomfortably noisy atmosphere. The various beeps drown each other out, almost fighting for the attention of nursing staff.

As increasing numbers of medical devices include alarms and increasing numbers of patients are connected to them, the demands placed on alarm management systems become increasingly complex.

Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management infographic challenges
Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management infographic challenges
Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management infographic challenges

Alarm management by Dräger

We design a distributed alarm system for you that includes your entire nursing team, signposts important changes in patient status and provides information on previous and current clinical procedures. The first step in this process is to carry out a situation analysis of your current alarms and their associated processes. We then work with you, using this information, to establish areas for improvement or optimisation, before developing an individual infrastructure that ensures medical staff receive reliable, targeted alarms. Alarm Management Systems by Dräger – from a single source:

• Alarm auditing and reporting to gather and share core information

• Consulting regarding workflow in order to define requirements

• Planning to optimise alarm management

Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management infographic solution
Alarm management & alarm redirection in hospitals - Alarm management infographic solution

Knowing best practice

Make use of the experience of others to establish your clinical alarm management system. The following organisations offer studies, materials and tools to put you on the right track and ensure your project is a success.

Ecris alarm safety resource center ecri logo

ECRI’s Alarm Safety Resource Center

Clinical alarms management and integration program htf logo

Clinical Alarms Management and Integration Program

Dräger works with market leaders for unparalleled expertise

Thanks to our cooperation with leading technology providers such as tetronik GmbH and others, we can offer you a wide range of scalable options to fit your clinical workflows and your internal IT strategy.

Our strong partnerships ensure system compatibility with maximum reliability, for example with the DAKSmed alarm server. We work with our technology partners to develop the right alarm management systems for your workplace and procedures.

International Alarm Management Standards

Choose an alarm management solution that complies with the clinical and administrative requirements of your hospital. To better evaluate your options, it is important to be aware of the standards that govern the manufacturing of alarm management technologies.

International standard IEC 80001

International standard IEC 80001

The Technical Report IEC TR 80001-2-5:2014(E) provides recommendations on integration, communication in alarm situations and redirection of alarm conditions from one or more sources to ensure safety and effectiveness.

International standard IEC 60601

International standard IEC 60601

These standards cover basic safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems: IEC 60601-1: Medical Electrical Equipment – general requirements for basic safety and essential performance; IEC 60601-1-8 guidance for alarm distribution systems.

International standard ihe pcd

International standard IHE-PCD

IHE-PCD (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise – Patient Care Device) has built a technical framework of use cases that feature defined special profiles, including specifications for clinical alarms and system interoperability.

ECRI has published the Top Health Technology Hazards list annually since 2010. Alarm hazards have been on every list since 2010, and have often topped the list.


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