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Dräger Clinical IT Partners

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As Specialist in Acute Care, our first task is to understand your current needs and vision for your hospital acute care areas. This is key for us, in order to provide you our best solutions.

IT Technology is the most changing variable in the future of ICUs and OR blocks, for that reason, we have to collaborate with other leading healthcare providers to complement and increase the value for your hospitals based on Integration, Association of different devices and IT systems, patient safety, security, interoperability and real time synchronization.

These associations with different partners will allow us to rise your expectations, reducing your cost of care, increasing your clinical outcomes and improving the staff satisfaction.

Dräger Clinical IT Partners


Bow Medical

Created in September 1999, Bow Medical has become a major player in the medical anesthesia field through the Diane software suite deployed within 2800 operating room in France.

Learn more about PDMS


Better Care

Nowadays, patients are monitored 24 hours a day in different care unit: ICUs, Reanimation, Neonates… Medical devices generate lots of data, but they are instantly lost once they disappear from the corresponding medical device screen. Find out how Better Care and Draeger have joined forces.

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