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Clinical data processing

Clinical data processing

Data is everywhere and the care givers need more and more an easy access and a comprehensive summary of the captured data to get a clear clinical vision. BetterCare is a European leader in medical device connectivity and clinical data processing, predicting critical events and providing caregivers a unique and comprehensive information for a better patient care.

Our alliance with Better Care

By making visible the invisible, transforming data to information thanks to AI technology and bring them to the care givers fingers, the better care solution reinforced the Dräger value proposition as specialist in Acute care.


Explore all patient data

>10% asynchronies during mechanical ventilation.
- Lead to patient distress.
- Impede the ventilator's effectiveness.
- Increase the time on mechanical ventilation and have a negative impact on outcome.


Predict critical events

200Hz data capture - means:
- Detailed remote monitoring.
- Quality indicators of patient's status.
- Event detection and prediction.


Provide better care

Minimise from manual entry.

- Improve patient tracking.

- Reduce data lost and data inconsistency.

- Avoid clinical test repetition.

Introducing Better Care


About Better Care

Better Care engineers have been working in signal acquisition and processing during the last 12 years together with the clinicians.



BetterCare Link is the first software platform offering a complete connectivity solution for today's healthcare needs.


Data Always available

It doesn't matter what is producing the patient data: BC Link will acquire it, process it, and send it wherever is needed.


Display anywhere, anytime

There's no need to go after patient data anymore, data will always reach you instead in multiple platforms and devices.


Ad-Hoc Developments

Based on Medical Devices Gateway, BetterCare is able to collect, analyse and develop whatever ad-hoc application for specific customer's requests.

Want to know more?

For more on topics of Better Care MView and Workstation, please click the links below to download the documents. 

BC MView

BC Mview acts as an integration system engine that acquires high-resolution patient data and waveforms from any medical device.

BC Workstation

BC WorkStation acts as an integration system that acquires in high resolution, all the clinical information available on any medical device connected to a patient.


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