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Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS)

Patient Data Management System

Patient Data Management Systems or PDMS are used to assist clinicians at every level of acute care, i.e., at the strategic level of physicians’ orders, at the operational level, and at the administrative level. Patient Data Management Systems formed the amalgam between the patient monitoring system and hospital information system (HIS). PDMS is considered as the primary system for nurses and physicians in the intensive care setting. The implementation of a dedicated PDMS within a critical care structure is the appropriate response to ensure the collection of medical information, traceability of prescriptions/medical orders, confidentiality duties, the security of the medical record and optimization of patient care.

Our alliance with Bow Medical

Dräger chose Bow medical as a PDMS partner with his Diane suite dedicated for ICU, OR and NICU centralized in one unique Data base to provide to the care user a seamless solution from the therapy and monitoring to the management of data. By adding this Patient Data management system to our Acute Care Solution, we are able to improve the full chain of workflows from Therapy to data management.


Easy Access

Clinical information systems can provide convenient access to medical records at all points of care. Internet-based access improves the ability to remotely access such data.  


Structure Info.

To save the time staff would be spending managing patient information or paperwork in one way or another. The complete patient record in the same database, sharing data from ICU, Anesthesia, Emergency or Neonatal Care, under the same structure.


Patient Safety

CIS improve drug dosing and this leads to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.

Introducing Bow Medical


About Bow Medical

Created in September 1999, Bow Medical has become a major player in the medical anesthesia field through the Diane software suite deployed within 2800 operating room in France. 

Bow Medical has then continued its development through the intensive care market segment and equipped more than 650 ICU beds. 



Designed for saving time. 80% of the seizures are made in one click.



Integrate a powerful engine rules easing to take decision.



Our software suite is built as modules that could be used independently.



Highly responsive to market demand, we upgrade our solutions from 1 up to 2 times a year.



Our software could be configured according caregivers habits Thanks to its flexible and configurable interface.



Include a dedicated query engine for statistical data analysis.

Want to know more?

For more on topics of Anaesthesia, ICU and the evolution of DIANE, please click the links below to download the documents. 

DIANE | Anaesthesia

The solution for facing the challenges of anaesthesia


Manage with efficiency your intensive care unit.

DIANE | Evolution

Evolution of Diane in version 4.7.5


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