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​Alarm History Analytics

The Alarm History Analytics application provides insights on alarms from connected Infinity patient monitors in an acute care environment. The application enables both the analysis of alarms in a care unit to optimize systematic process flows and staff planning as well as improving alarm management efficiency. By identifying the sources of recurring alarms, the application can help to take measures to reduce these alarms and show the results over a period of time.

Generate actionable insights from alarms that have occurred in a facility

​Create a data foundation for the optimization of systematic process flows, alarm settings and personnel planning to increase the alarm management efficiency and ultimately reduce the stress for clinical staff and patients. With Alarm History Analytics you receive transparency on the alarms that have occurred in your facility. Different alarm sources and severities can be analyzed to generate actionable insights.

Systematically optimize alarm management processes and staff allocation

​View and compare alarm response times of different hospital units for the different alarm severities in a chosen time frame. This enables you to systematically adapt alarm management processes and staff allocation to ensure SOP compliance.

Tailor the analytics dashboard to suit your needs

​Create a dashboard that fits to your needs. The widgets of the Alarm History Analytics dashboard can be selected and adapted to the individual information needs. Data of different time frames, such as a day, week, month or even twelve weeks, can be compared. Additionally, the analysed hospital areas can be adapted in a selection per specific bed or per hospital unit.

Dive into the data for in-depth analysis

​For individual reporting purposes or subsequent analysis, the collected data can be exported from Dräger Connect into a spreadsheet. This enables in-depth analysis that can be combined with information from other records to create a complete overview of the situation and the longer-term trends.

Aim to enable reduction of alarms through alarm consultancy

​Our experts can support you in the collection of alarm data, the analysis of data and implementation of strategies to improve alarm management processes and help to reduce the number of alarms in the unit.

Designed with security and data privacy in mind

The standardized and easily accessible cloud infrastructure minimizes IT administration efforts, allows for a fast scalability and ensures professional security management. Only device data are transferred, collected and analyzed.

A digital service platform at the palm of your hand

​Benefit from additional data-driven services offered on Dräger Connect, our Digital Services platform. Utilize the potential of the data that your Dräger devices provide and combine it with our application and technical know-how to improve acute care.


Product Information: Alarm History Analytics (PDF)
Product Information: Alarm History Analytics (PDF)


Animation: Alarm History Analytics
Animation: Alarm History Analytics


Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)
Brochure: Hospital Data Analytics (PDF)

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