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Clinical Assistance Package

​Empower lifesaving medical products with system functionalities. The Clinical Assistance Package (CAP) is intended to increase the efficiency and error reduction in anesthesia. CAP creates synergies in a secure and interoperable system consisting of an anesthesia workstation, a patient monitoring system and the Hospital Information System (HIS).

Utilize the advantages of medical device interoperability in therapies

​We at Dräger are committed to Improving Acute Care and believe that connectivity is a key element to overcome today’s challenges. We envision a future of Acute Care where medical devices are connected as a system. They are interacting with one another enabling new clinical applications in a safe and secure environment.

With the Clinical Assistance Package we are taking the next step to empower lifesaving medical products with system functionalities intended to avoid preventable medical errors and potentially serious inefficiencies.

Take informed decisions with data you can trust

​With a better data availability at the point-of-care, you’ll have more information, where and when you need it, for making decisions. Increase patient safety by having a decision base of comprehensive clinical data readily accessible, and minimize the risk of adverse events that can result from missing or incomplete data. Contextual therapy insights provided by our systems further support the timely and effective delivery of therapies.

  • Time and Date Synchronization: Enable consistent and accurate documentation through having the same date and time stamp on all connected devices.
  • Lung Recruitment Synchronization: Provide the anaesthetist with contextual information supporting lung recruitment manoeuvres.
  • HL7 Export Capabilities: Exchange high-quality data reliably in a standardized format between medical devices and EMR.
  • EMR Data Integration: Integrate collected data directly into the patient’s electronic medical record.

Receive workflow assistance for a better focus on the patient

​With automation and workflow assistance, less time spent operating technologies means more time focusing on what matters most. Maximize patient safety by reducing technical disturbances and potential error sources. Reduce demands on staff to start and stop routine therapies by automating procedures and work steps performed by devices.

  • ADT Data Takeover: Take over the patient’s physiological data from the EMR with the push of a button.
  • Common Alarm Pause: Mute all alarms of the workstation using the Audio Pause button of either the monitor or the anesthesia device.
  • Cardiac Bypass Mode: Adapt alarm settings of all connected monitors simultaneously to the interventional context reducing the amount of unnecessary alarms.
  • Day/Night Mode Synchronization: Adapt the colours and luminance of all screens and cockpits simultaneously to the clinical scenario.

Keep data safe and your network protected

​With secure connectivity across the hospital, communications between devices and systems connected to the network are encrypted so that data stays safe. Deliver high quality care supported by reliable medical-grade data delivered in real-time. Maximize cybersecurity to resist the malicious actions of intruders, protecting hospital assets and sensitive information from misuse.

  • Standardized Communication: Reduced integration efforts and a future-proof scalable and secure system that guarantees access to networked devices via TLS certificate management.
  • Encrypted Data Transport: Secure communication on the network and between the different devices is enabled through certified end-to-end encryption.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Through secure bidirectional data exchange in real-time we enable seamless communication between medical devices.

Optimize your system performance

​With network-based services for all connected devices, optimize system performance and employ data analytics for efficient management of medical device fleets. Increase operational efficiency, reviewing historical and real-time device data to preempt performance problems and correct current issues. Contain operating costs through remote and data-based services.

  • Gas Consumption Analytics: Discover data-based optimizations for the purchasing and usage of volatile anaesthetic gases in the OR based on newly designed reports.
  • Alarm History Analytics: Receive transparency on the history of alarms that have occurred on the connected devices and use the new reports for alarm management.

Standardized communication based on Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC)

​The service-oriented device connectivity concepts implemented in Dräger SDC certified devices are based on those of the IEEE 11073 SDC standard family. The IEEE 11073 SDC standard for open medical device connectivity is intended to make safe and dynamic connectivity in the hospital possible, allowing interoperability of medical devices and information systems and reducing complexity of integrating technologies.


CAP Product Information, en-gb
CAP Product Information, en-gb


Manage equipment uptime - product-services

Why Product Services?

Medical equipment performs at its best with maximum safety when properly maintained by manufacturer-certified technicians. Ensure uptime and choose an equipment management partner that optimises availability and lifecycle planning.

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