Dräger DOB M/T

The Dräger DOB-M (mobile version) and Dräger DOB-T (table version) are compact, portable oxygen booster pumps which allow oxygen at pressures of up to 300 bar to be efficiently decanted from storage cylinders into apparatus cylinders.

Various fields of application

The Dräger Oxygen Booster pumps are ideally suitable for use, particularly when permanent operational readiness, large supply amounts and efficiency are required. The stations are used in a wide range of applications, in which high-pressure oxygen in apparatus cylinders is required:

  • for military applications
  • for firefighting
  • for mining
  • for professional and recreational diving
  • at humanitarian and emergency organizations, Red Cross, Technical Emergency Corps, etc.

Efficient, cost-effective and ready for use at any time

Due to the vertical design, the compact oxygen filling station is very space-saving. Indeed, it is small enogh to fit in everywhere. The station is equipped with a complete logistical fill panel, incl. valves and pressure gauges, it is easily ready for use . Shorter filling times and higher efficiency are available due to the electric motor and the simultaneous filling of up to four apparatus cylinders – additionally with a low noise level. On request, customer-specific connections are also available.

Easy to use

The user-friendly operating interface of the station is clearly structured and ensures simplicity for starting and monitoring of the filling procedure. The filling is carried out by only a few steps. Two stable carrying handles simplify the transport of the station.

Tested safety

All Dräger Oxygen Booster pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001 as well as being approved and certified by TÜV and BAM.


Product Information: Dräger DOB M/T (PDF)
Product Information: Dräger DOB M/T (PDF)


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