Dräger D-7000/8000/100 Quick Fill Station

Dräger D-7000/8000/100

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Dräger D-7000/8000/100

The Dräger Quick Fill Station (QFS) is the innovative alternative for escape strategies. The QFS system greatly increases workers safety during escape situations by eliminating the need to switch between multiple SCSRs, and utilising an SCBA – therefore enabling verbal communication, and providing a refillable source of fresh breathing air.

Independent and stand-alone

Operating independently from ambient air and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, the Dräger Quick Fill Station enables miners and site personnel to safely escape from an underground emergency or enhance the capabilities of underground firefighting teams. The filling panel allows up to six SCBA sets to be filled simultaneously and independently. The unit is simple and intuitive to use even in low visibility or smoke filled environments.

Connect, start, ready to go

Dräger Quick Fill Stations are installed at strategic points underground, allowing the SCBA wearer to fill up their air cylinders at any time independently from any external services. Simply connect the breathing apparatus to the Dräger Quick Fill Station using one of the six Quick-Fill connectors and activate the device. Within seconds, a 300 bar cylinder with a 9 litre capacity is completely filled and the user is ready to go. The charging process can be safely aborted at any time by simply detaching the connector – for instance, in an emergency.

No need for multiple sets of equipment

The self-contained breathing apparatus remains with the user throughout the operation. During underground escape, miners and site personnel are provided with an uninterrupted supply of breathing air while escaping to safety. When used for fire-fighting, emergency crews do not have to interrupt their work to change equipment when their air supply is exhausted – this saves valuable minutes, allowing them to extinguish a fire or rescue casualties.

Robust design and highly transportable with QDS

All internal, high pressure stainless steel pipework is secured against vibration to eliminate air leaks. The Dräger Quick Fill Station can be easily transported using the in-built forklift slots on all sides or an optional Quick Detach Systems (QDS) that is employed by heavy lifting vehicles in mining operations.

Once the station is in position underground, the isolation valves can be locked open to make sure the unit is always ready to go and prevent accidental isolation of the breathing air storage bank.

Low maintenance

The Dräger Quick Fill Station is designed to require minimal maintenance. On top of the annual inspection, the system needs a service only every 5 years. Dräger’s service network ensures that a technician can be on-site quickly for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Other advantages

  • Patented 5-stage cascade panel
  • Dräger fail-safe sequence valves
  • Lockable bank isolation valves
  • Ergonomic fill panel design
  • Large fill indication gauge
  • High visibility green colour, especially for smoke filled environments
  • AS2473 and AS1349 compliant
  • Stainless steel bolt-on-hinges
  • The Dräger Quick Fill Station can be refilled with commercially available breathing air compressors

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