Dräger offers with Drägersorb® a high-quality soda lime for the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other acidic gases. Different versions of Drägersorb® are available depending on the application.

Unique pellet shape

The unique hemispherical pellet shape allows a low breathing resistance and thereby provides longer usage periods.

Reproducible absorption

The uniform shape ensures an even filling of the cartridge resulting in reproducible CO2 absorption and prevents channelling in the cartridge.


The Drägersorb 400 ind and the Drägersorb 400 ind S feature a color indicator. The indicator will change with e.g. CO2 from white to violet, the external signal for the
replacement of soda lime.

High CO2 absorption capacity

The extensive inner surface of the soda lime pellet guarantees a high CO2 absorption capacity.

High resistance to abrasion

The unique hemispherical pellet shape has a high resistance to abrasion and thereby reduces dust formation.

Higher water content

The Drägersorb 400 S and the Drägersorb 400 ind S offer a higher water content. Dräger is the only company to produce soda lime with higher water content especially for room air application and whose filtering function lasts longer under these conditions than conventional soda lime products.

Typical applications

  • ventilation filter for waste water plants
  • supply air filter for cooling water circulations in power plants (deionised water)
  • shelter and rescue rooms in mining
  • rescue trains

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