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Drägerware.Workshop Software 5000/7000

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Drägerware.Workshop Software 5000/7000

Simply better organised: With its extraordinary degree of flexibility, Drägerware.Workshop Software is the ideal complete solution for workshop management. The innovative, user-friendly software solution provides more transparency, improved processes and increased efficiency.

Everything under control

Save time and costs, gain control and planning security – Drägerware Workshop software makes everyday tasks easier. With this software solution, you can keep an inventory of all of the machines and systems, equipment, units and vehicles that need to be maintained and tested in one central data pool. Services can be optimally planned and easily documented. Testing and control procedures for technical devices can be designed more efficiently.

Advantages that pay off

  • ​Can be adapted to individual organisational structures or processes
  • Seamless verification with secure documentation
  • Cost savings due to more efficient work
  • Strong partnership for a secure investment
  • Complete cost control
  • Automatic notification of due dates

A variety of options

​The management software can be adapted to exactly match your workshop structure. Because it is easy to operate, users can map the technical area and existing processes themselves, without incurring any additional costs for programming. The scalable, hierarchical design allows work-shop areas to be set up, modified and removed individually. In this way, the virtual workshop offers an up-to-date overview with easier orientation, so you can work more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is also easy to integrate interfaces to testing systems into the entire system. With our many years of experience and comprehensive consultation we can provide practical solutions that are geared toward the future.

The following standard workshop modules are available

  • ​Respiratory protection workshop
  • Fire extinguisher workshop
  • Communication technology
  • Tube workshop
  • Pump workshop
  • Car workshop/vehicle fleet
  • Measurement workshop
  • Resource workshop
  • Inventory management

Extension modules offer additional benefits in special areas.

The right solution for every occasion

​Our various levels of service packages offer the right solution for every need. An existing standard import interface allows you to quickly import data from other applications.

Drägerware Workshop Software 7000

​The ideal solution for adjustment to processes in different workshops:
In comparison with version 5000, this package also offers a variety of important extensions.

  • Integrated dialogue editor for adjusting processes on the field level, e.g. showing fields, defining new required fields and modifying field labels
  • Fault management module ensures targeted and complete processing of established defects
  • Device input and output monitoring offers a constant overview of the devices‘ locations
  • Query generator for easy research at the push of a button
  • Integrated document maintenance for easy storage of device related documentation
  • Recording and evaluation of all costs related to devices, including cost centre and type

Drägerware Workshop Software 5000

​The custom-fit standard solution for individual workshops:

  • Includes all standard workshop modules
  • Including staff, address and inventory management
  • Integrated test equipment coupling of the Dräger Quaestor, Testor, Prestor and RZ 7000 series in the area of the respiratory protection workshop and the Dräger X-dock and E-cal series in the area of the gas detection instrument workshop
  • Device management and inventory for all technical equipment
  • Preparation, implementation and documentation of maintenance, service and test activities
  • Accounting module
  • Integrated free report designer for the individual adjustment of existing lists and evaluations
  • Data exchange in the CSV industry format

Drägerware.Mobile/Pocket PC

​Edit mobile and flexible testing and controlling procedures: together with a pocket PC, Drägerware.Mobile allows easy implementation and documentation of exchange procedures with device recording, safety testing and interval monitoring for the device and much more. You can work directly on devices such as fire extinguishers or equipment on site without a direct connection to the workshop software. The data is updated later using the PC. An easy-to-use user interface in combination with the pocket PC touch screen guarantees a quick, secure working procedure.

Changing room module

​From accessing the initial equipment and having the right items available to returning used clothing: the changing room module improves distribution and return procedures as well as storage based on requirements. The module was developed in close cooperation with fire departments and includes the complete management of personal equipment, including distribution, return, exchange and loss reporting, and much more.

Extensions offer additional benefits

​Our Drägerware Workshop software extensions offer even more benefits to meet certain advanced IT demands.

DRÄGERSERVICE® Consultation and training

​In the context of a complete consultation we determine user needs and requirements. Only after we complete this thorough analysis can we create and install the customised software solution. This is the only way we can take all of the customer’s needs into account. Even after installation we are always available for personal consultation and dependable on-site service. So that the introduction of the Drägerware Workshop software runs smoothly, we train employees and guide them through the process. So no question is left unanswered and you have more time for new ideas.


​Work across a variety of sites: even when you‘re away from the workshop, the data pool and functional range of the Drägerware Workshop software is always available. With a notebook you can access and work with the data required for certain service tasks, for example. After you return, you can update the data by transferring the changes to the data pool.

System requirements

​Drägerware Workshop software is easy to install and can be extended as desired.

  • Multi-level, network-compatible client/server application
  • Microsoft® Windows® Standard (7, 8, 10), executable on standard PCs from Intel® Celeron® 2800 processor, 1024 MB main memory, screen resolution of a minimum of 1280x1024, at least 1 GB free hard disk space
  • Supports these database management systems: Firebird, Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server

DBMS Interfaces

​The lowest possible amount of IT components simplifies the data flow. Especially in the area of database management systems, standards have been established that make homogeneous data management possible. Drägerware supports not only Firebird, a proven open source database that is free, but also the industry standards Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server.

Features that lighten your load. In your budget and in your everyday work

  • ​Role and authorisation concepts with fine adjustment capability in each workshop module
  • Scope of installation and application areas are geared toward the future with infinitely variable scalability
  • Customised adjustability to existing organisational structures and processes in the workshops
  • Easy integration of interfaces to testing devices from various manufacturers
  • Intelligent use of bar code and/or transponder
  • Seamless integration of mobile technologies such as wireless scanners, handheld devices, notebooks and Tablet PCs


IFU Address Management / 2016.1 - 9031143 en
IFU Address Management / 2016.1 - 9031143 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Administration Manual version 5000/7000/9000 / 2020.1 - 9031142 en
IFU Administration Manual version 5000/7000/9000 / 2020.1 - 9031142 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Delivery Note/Invoice User Manual version 5000/7000/9000 / 2020.1 - 9031149 en
IFU Delivery Note/Invoice User Manual version 5000/7000/9000 / 2020.1 - 9031149 en

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Module Clothing User Manual / 2020.1 - 9031144 en
IFU Personnel Management "Basic" User Manual / 2020.1 - 9031152 en
IFU User Manual Version 5000/7000 / 2016.1 - 9031146 en
IFU Warehouse Management User Manual / 2020.1 - 9300697 en
Zebra TC-52x with Drägerware.App Product Information, en

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