Dräger E-Cal

Check, control and calibration of portable gas measuring devices at any time: Dräger E-Cal, the automatic test and calibration system is made for it.

Reduce costs, expenditure & downtime

Dräger E-Cal, the automatic test and calibration system, can include up to ten different device modules. As the calibration and adjustment of the Dräger measuring instruments can be carried out simultaneously, the devices can be maintained and serviced effectively in terms of time and cost.

Modern instrument management

In addition to the device modules, the modular design of the Dräger E-Cal also includes a Master Station, this is the control center of the system and allows communication to the PC and switching between different gases.

Optimum protection and performance

Using the Dräger E-Cal for regular maintenance and servicing as well as for calibration tasks ensures that the Dräger measuring instruments function properly at all times. This ensures optimum protection and performance of the instruments.

Central database

A central database of calibrations, which is stored on the PC, provides the capability of analysing and documenting data at any time.


E-Cal Product Information, en
E-Cal Product Information, en


Product Information: Dräger E-Cal (PDF)
Product Information: Dräger E-Cal (PDF)


Brochure: Dräger's Guide to Portable Gas Detection (PDF)
Brochure: Dräger's Guide to Portable Gas Detection (PDF)

Matter with a temperature above its boiling point is said to be a gas. With respect to a human environment (normal conditions), any substance with a boiling point below 20°C at normal pressure is a gas.


CC-Vision E-Cal Version
IfU E-Cal Station 13777
IfU E-Cal Station 9023695 EN
IfU E-Cal Station 9023869 me

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