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Fire training pan and fire extinguisher training

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Fire training pan and fire extinguisher training

Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: With the realistic training system comprising a gas-fired fire pan and a water-operated fire training extinguisher, training participants learn how to assess fires within seconds and take immediate control of hazardous situations. For the instructor, this means effective training with a minimum of effort.

Recognize fire classes, select a fire extinguisher

Various simulations can be placed on the Dräger fire pan whereby fires of solid and liquid materials as well as electronic devices can be simulated realistically. The participants decide which fire extinguisher is best suited for which mock-up. Spray patterns of powder, foam, CO2 and water can be simulated with the water and compressed air-operated manual fire extinguishers. To ensure an optimal training result, the discharge time can be adjusted in advance.

Monitoring extinguishing success through temperature sensors

A fire is not necessarily extinguished, when flames are no longer visible. The temperature of the fire place is decisive for a possible re-ignition of fire. The trainer is able to control the temperature via the temperature sensor.

Remote control for more security

The safety of the participants is a top priority during every fire extinguishing training. Gas supply is adjustable via remote control, so that trainers are able to influence the fire development. In the case of danger, fire can be extinguished by releasing the button.

Maximum cost saving through minimum expenditure

The mobile fire extinguisher training system by Dräger is easy to use and long-lasting thanks to its high quality. The manual fire extinguisher can be recharged with water after each use. The stable fire pan made of stainless steel is designed for continuous use.

Additonal benefits:

  • can be combined with four mock-ups (stack of wood, e-motor, e-cabinet, waste paper basket, monitor, cooking pot)
  • integrated safety pressure reduction for controlling the gas supply
  • easy to transport
  • fire extinguisher rechargeable via water and compressed-air hose at any time
  • easy commissioning of the fire pan via electric and gas connection (optionally via gas cylinder)
  • optionally available without extinguishing success monitoring, possible manual control of flames
  • optional: Training scenario fat explosion

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