Dräger Flame 2570 (UFI)

​Extreme short response time and high reliablility against false alarms characterise the Dräger Flame 2570. The ultra fast triple IR flame detector detects hydrocarbon based fire to distance of up to 90 metres.

Very fast and safe detection

The Flame 2570 has a very short response time. It can detect fire flashes and explosions in less than 50 milliseconds. The detector warns of petrol fires 0.1 m2 in size from a distance of 90 meters in less than 2 seconds. Three infrared sensors make this fast and reliable flame detection possible. The device software processes the measured results digitally. This way the typical dynamic characteristics of a fire (e.g. flickering) are registered. This degree of reliability complies with the IEC 61508 safety integrity requirements of SIL2.

Moreover, the flame detector has HART® and RS-485 Modbus interfaces and requires very little power.

Less false alarms

The Flame 2570 is immune to sources of interference. This prevents false alarms. Sources that often cause false alarms, such as welding work or hot CO2 emissions, no longer pose a problem. Moreover, the sensitive detection ensures that the detector does not falsely set off an alarm for fires emanating from other areas.

Robust and durable

The housing is very robust and weather proof. The window is heated to protect against icing or condensation. You can operate the Flame 2570 reliably under various environmental conditions.

Easy inspection

The Built-in-Test (BIT) automatically checks the electronics and optics of the Flame 2570. You can also trigger the test manually. With the tri-coloured LED at the front of the detector, it is easy for you to identify the device's status quickly. Green stands for normal operation, yellow indicates a fault and red signals a fire alarm.


Product Information: Dräger Flame 2570 (UFI) (PDF)
Product Information: Dräger Flame 2570 (UFI) (PDF)

Extreme short response time and high reliablility against false alarms characterise the Dräger Flame 2570. The ultra fast triple IR flame detector detects hydrocarbon based fire to distance of up to 90 metres.


More than the sum Brochure, en
More than the sum Brochure, en

Dräger is a successful global player in the field of stationary gas measuring technology since more than 70 years. We have been developing gas measuring products, setting new standards for measuring accuracy, durability and customer-specific adaptation.


Dräger Flame 2500 (IR3) Detektor plamena Product Information, sr
Dräger Flame 2500 (IR3) Detektor plamena Product Information, sr

Sa svojim trostrukim infracrvenim (IR) senzorom Dräger Flame 2500 otkriva požare na bazi ugljovodonika čak i na većim udaljenostima. Štaviše, nudi visoku pouzdanost protiv lažnih alarma.


Dräger Flame 2xx0 Host Software VC
IFU Dräger Flame 2000/2500/2570/2700 9033813 ME

Technical Data

Key Facts

Field of view
Horizontal 90°; Vertical 90°
Response time
Typically 2 seconds
Cable entry
2 × 3/4" – 14NPT or 2 × M25 × 1.5 mm
Detection Technology
Ultrafast IR3
Increased Safety
✓ (SIL 2)
4-20 mA

Fuel ft / m

n-Heptane / Gasoline
300 / 90
Diesel Fuel / JP5 / Kerosene
205 / 62
Ethanol 95 %
185 / 55
160 / 48
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)
185 / 55
205 / 62
205 / 62
Polypropylene Pellets
160 / 48
Office Paper
115 / 34

Technical Data

Power Supply
24 V DC
Temperature (operation)
-55°C - 75°C
0 to 95 % r.h., non-condensing
Dimensions (H × W × D)
0.1x0.12x0.16 m
2.8 Kg
Housing Material
Stainless steel SS 316 or Heavy duty copper free aluminum, red epoxy enamel finish
Degree of protection (IP class)


CE marking
Performance approval
Shipping approval (DNV & MED)

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