Flowmeters are used to control the flow rate of gases drawn from a central supply system or from a compressed gas cylinder. They are typically used in general wards, for adult, paediatric & neonates patients alike. They may also be used in other areas including administering anaesthesia and ambulances. At Dräger, we offer an extensive range of flow measurement devices to cover your ongoing clinical needs. The more conventional ‘ball and pressure dome’ flowmeter covers all other applications, and where simplicity and speed are required, we have the compact flowmeters. Our broad range of humidification systems including reusable and disposable accessories complete the Dräger portfolio.

With Dräger, you have a choice

  • Conventional flowmeters
  • Compact flowmeters, including with individual variant selection

Dräger flowmeters meet your requirements through:

  • High degree of precision
  • Clear display of the set flow
  • Large control knob without sharp edges
  • Low maintenance needed
  • High stability through robust housing
  • Wide variety of models


Accessory catalogue 2022, en
Accessory catalogue 2022, en


Flowmeter Brochure, en
Flowmeter Brochure, en


IFU Clickflow - Compact flowmeter 9510042 de, en me
IFU Clickflow - Compact flowmeter 9510042 de, en me

These instructions for use are provided for informational purposes only. Please always read and comply with the instructions for use delivered with the product.


IFU Compact flowmeter 9037365 ME
IFU Flowmeter (Classic, Compact, Digital) - Compact flowmeter 9053994 ME
IFU Flowmeter (Classic, Compact, Digital) - DigiFlow 9038525 ME
IFU Flowmeter (Classic, Compact, Digital) - O2/Air Mixing Block 9029541 ME
IfU Flowmeter (Classic, Compact, Digital) Mischtabelle EN 9029553
IFU Flowmeter 9037050 de, en me
IFU Flowmeter 9054857 ME

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